Museveni Distances Self From Rearrest of Suspects at Courts

Museveni speaks at the Judges conference at Munyonyo on Friday (Photo by Kenneth Kazibwe) .

President Museveni has said he has never issued orders to police to re-arrest any person who has been released by courts especially on bail.

A few weeks ago, website like this the Rwnzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere was re-arrested by police at the Jinja High Court, a few hours after being granted bail over the treason and murder charges he is facing in relation to last year’s Rwenzori violence.

On Friday during the Judges Conference at Speke Resort Hotel in Munyonyo, the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe asked Museveni to reign in on what he termed as a continued practice of arresting people at court premises.

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However in response, Museveni said he has no role in such acts stressing that whoever practices it does it on their own.

“They (police) are not doing it on my orders and it is done in ignorance, ” Museveni  told the Chief Justice on Friday afternoon.

“I will talk to the Minister of Constitutional Affairs and Ministry of Internal Affairs to work together and see how to go about this.”

The president explained that there should be clear guidelines given to police especially by the judiciary on how to handle such situations, which he said would help solve the impasse.

Citing the UPDF soldiers who were going to Somalia under AMISOM for the first time; that he had to give a lecture on what to do while on the mission; Museveni advised that the Attorney General has to come in about such scenarios.

“We had been fighting our wars here and when we went to Somalia, they had never been to that part of the world. I sat down and prepared a paper for them. You should do that to them to show what to do while handling certain matters.”

He said that government is committed to ensuring the flourishing of the rule of law in the country despite the shortcomings in the system.

“The NRM supports rule of law for the better or for the worse .Sometimes we don’t agree with the philosophy of the legal system because of our revolutionary background but never the less  we support the laws the way they are,” Museveni said.


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