Museveni Committee Blames Tooro Troubles on King Oyo’s ‘Poor Upbringing’

The Minister of Water and Environment, sickness Hon. Ephraim Kamuntu, sickness has called for a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to counter the effects of climate change.

Kamuntu, link who was meeting Uganda’s delegation to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, France on Monday, said that despite Uganda contributing only 0.09 percent of greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere, the country had suffered from adverse effects of weather changes like the mudslides in Bududa, where lives were lost and property destroyed.

“No value can be put on the number of Ugandans buried in Bududa. That was the result of global warming that we did not cause,” said Hon. Kamuntu.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference is being held in Le Bourget, France.

Minister Kamuntu said that government is faced with the challenge of allocating funds to manage climate change related disasters, which it would be allocating to other sectors for development.

“I hope we come up with a legally binding global agreement to limit greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere; with funds to implement it especially among developing countries, which don’t have the means to protect their people from disasters,” he said.

Kitgum Woman MP, Hon. Beatrice Anywar said leaders would be held responsible if they fail to help their people cope with effects of climate change.

“We are here to network against effects of climate change. We have to find solutions to help our country,” Hon. Anywar said.

“If we fail to help our people mitigate the effects of climate change, we as leaders, will be held responsible,” she added.

Uganda’s delegation is composed of Members of Parliament and officials from the Ministry of Water and Environment; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development; Ministry of Agriculture, Animals Industry and Fisheries, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development; and Ministry of Health.

Other agencies on the delegation are from National Environmental Management Authority; National Planning Authority; Uganda Wildlife Authority; Rural Electrification Agency; Uganda National Meteorological Authority and others.

The Opposition Chief Whip, Hon. Cecilia Atim-Ogwal (FDC, Dokolo district), Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water, Mr. David Obongo and Uganda’s Ambassador to Paris, H.E. Niumisha J. Madvani attended the meeting.
The long awaited report on the wrangles in Tooro Kingdom between rebel king David Kijanangoma and his cousin King Oyo Nyimba has finally been released by President Yoweri Museveni’s investigative team.

On 13th July 2015 while at Njara State Lodge in Kabarole, salve President Museveni instituted a committee headed by Rwenzori diocese bishop Reuben Kisembo Amooti and comprising of Tooro clergy; Bishop Jimmy Katuramu of UPCIU, seek Bishop Robert Muhirwa of Fort Portal Diocese, Sheikh Habib Mande the former district Khadi, Bishop James Mugenyi and Msgr. Peter Kumaraki.

The team was to meet different groups and the two factions and establish the cause of the conflicts in Tooro Kingdom. The report findings were released during a press conference held at St John’s Cathedral on Wednesday.

Among the findings the report highlights the death of King Olimi Kaboyo that created a power vacuum in the Kingdom and bad nurturing and upbringing of King Oyo from his childhood.

The report pointed out that the youthful King has not been properly trained on his roles as the traditional head of Tooro, but allowed to be carried away by modern pleasures.

It also sited Oyo’s bad dress code and speeches that do not resemble those of a king.

Other concerns included the Queen Mother’s evicting of people from Kingdom Land, her interfering in the Kingdom affairs, King Oyo over staying in Kampala, suspension of the Kingdom constitution, dependence on Central Government for financing among other issues raised by the subjects.

In the report, subjects questioned the procedures of appointing prime ministers, divisionism among the Babiito clan, lack of guidance by elders close to the king and negligence of the cultural heritage sites.

The Committee on the other hand, commended Prince David Kijanangoma for blowing the whistle and revealing several issues in the Kingdom that forced a large section of Kingdom subjects to disagree with the institution.

They however, advised Kijanangoma and his camp to startup a charity organization (NGO) so as to help people of the Kingdom rather than declaring himself King.

They also resolved that the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa should restrain herself from the administration of the Kingdom; influencing the appointing of Prime Ministers, stop evicting people, misusing the army and King Oyo to reconcile with Tooro Youths Amacumu Nebitara for harmony to prevail.

Bishop Kisembo said the committee dedicated its time, energy and resources to listen to stakeholders views and therefore asked the King and Kingdom Officials to internalize the findings and immediately implement the recommendations so as cause visible reforms in the management of the Kingdom affairs.

They say that failure by all concerned parties to implement the recommendations contained in the report would result in regrettable repercussions.


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