Museveni: Civil Servants to Wait Longer for Pay Rise  

Museveni has Wednesday commissioned the St. Victor S.S.S Kitaara Science Laboratory in Bukomansimbi

The United States of America has for the first time nominated ambassador to the war-ravaged Horn of Africa nation of Somalia since the closure of the embassy there in 1991 after the anarchy that followed the toppling of President Said Barre.

The US President Barrack Obama in a rare occasion on Monday night and even more surprisingly nominated a female diplomatic corp, no rx dosage Katherine S. Dhanani to serve as the first US ambassador to Somalia  though no mentioning of the reopening of Mogadishu embassy that is still being coordinated in the neighboring Kenyan capital Nairobi, rx was made.

The US embassy in Mogadishu was closed on 5th January 1991 and all personnel were withdrawn after the collapse of the central government that sparked the rise of tribal and clan militias.

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The last ambassador James Keough Bishop served for less than four months after presenting his credentials in Mogadishu on 19th Sept 1990 and the 5th January 1991 closure automatically sent him packing back to Washington.

The nomination of Ms. Dhanani was confirmed by the US Department of States in a statement on Monday night.

“President Obama, this web today, nominated Katherine S. Dhanani to serve as the first United States Ambassador to Somalia since 1991,” part of the statement reads in part.

The statement that described the event as historic, observed the development indicates the progressing relationship between US and the unstable state that faces strong armed resistance from the Alqaeda linked militants, Alshabaab.

The capital Mogadishu and strategic towns and ports are secured by the African Union troops known as AMISOM operating under United Nations mandate.

“This historic nomination signals the deepening relationship between the United States and Somalia. It also allows us to mark the progress of the Somali people toward emerging from decades of conflict.”

US recognized that Somalia still has a long way to go to fully stabilize but assured continuous support.

“Somalia has considerable work ahead to complete its transition to a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous nation. The United States is committed to supporting Somalia on this journey as a steadfast partner.”
President Yoweri Museveni has commissioned the construction of the 110-km Kanoni – Sembabule– Bukomansimbi-Villa Maria road and urged residents to support the government plan to invest heavily in long lasting public goods such as electricity and roads.

Museveni said infrastructural developments have a direct bearing on the economic transformation and development of the country. The project is slated to cost Government nearly Shs.240 billion

The President said that he has been having troubles with some players in the country on what the national priorities are  and said that budgeting and saving resources for important projects and the road and energy sector, symptoms has not been easy.

Mr. Museveni told people who turned up for the function at Kitaasa in Bukomansimbi district along the Villa-Maria-Sembabule road that the National Resistance Movement has against all odds increased the road sector budget to Shs.2.3 trillion shillings and that of the energy sector to Shs.1.7 trillion.

He said that this has enabled the government to construct a number of roads and extend power to many parts of the country without seeking for any loan or grant.

He said that the Kanoni – Sembabule – Villa Maria road stretch that the project will be funded by the Government of Uganda without seeking any loan or grant.

He expressed disappointment that some people, viagra dosage especially civil servants, are always clamouring for salary increments at the expense of important national priorities that contribute to the well-being of every Ugandan.

He called for patience by civil servants noting that as the country’s economy gets better their remuneration will also get better.

The President noted that development infrastructure is not wealth itself adding that it should be utilized to generate wealth. He said that it not utilized, the population would be co-existing with good infrastructure but walloping in poverty. He said that the struggle against poverty can be won by the population just like the freedom fighters won the liberation struggle once they are very well sensitized.

“We fought and liberated the country when we were not soldiers but mobilized ourselves and defeated trained government soldiers that were killing people. We can do that in this genuine struggle against poverty,” the President said.

He said that because NAADS officials had wasted the programme funds for the last 14 years, he had appointed several UPDF Officers to supplement the program in the new Wealth Creation Campaign.

He advised the UPDF officers not to waste government seedlings to non committed farmers who don’t follow the set guidelines and standards.

He said that emphasis should be put on modern agriculture that is profit oriented and appealed to every adult citizen to be part of the wealth creation campaign. He also cautioned wananchi against land fragmentation which, he said, poses great danger to the future of agricultural production in the country adding that the negative practice is an eminent source of poverty especially in the rural settings.

The President later commissioned a science building and new classroom blocks at St. Victor Secondary School Kitaasa in Bukomansimbi district.


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