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Museveni Calls Second Meeting on Burundi Crisis

Museveni being welcomed in Burundi on a mediation mission

President Museveni is set to host another high-level meeting to discuss the Burundi turmoil in which hundreds have died in recent months, discount http://cs4all.nyc/wp-includes/class-wp-post-type.php Chimp Corps report.

Officials at the East African Community (EAC) Secretariat said the Second Round of the Inter-Burundi Dialogue is scheduled to take place from July 12-14 at the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC), http://class-actions.us/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/select.php Tanzania.

Museveni recently met with representatives of Burundi government, former heads of state, representatives of political parties, religious leaders, civil society organizations, women and youth, Chamber of Commerce and the Burundi society in the Diaspora.

Museveni further held consultations with the Facilitator of the Inter-Burundi Dialogue, Benjamin William Mkapa.

“During interactions with the above mentioned stakeholders, a number of substantive issues emerged concerning, among others; the status and implementation of the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement for Burundi, the Constitution of Burundi, the security situation, political and democratic space, state of economy and the role of the East African Community member countries as well as other neighbors,” EAC said in a statement set to ChimpReports on Saturday.

“There is therefore, the need to discuss substantively and, more importantly, to agree on a common basis for stability, development and the future of Burundi,” the statement added.

In this regard, officials revealed, the objective of the forthcoming discussions will be to validate these findings, to prioritize them, and eventually set the agenda for a meaningful dialogue.


Burundi accuses Rwanda of training militants to destabilize the country with the view of toppling President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Rwanda denies the charge as baseless, saying it does not wish to have an unstable neighbor.

Kigali has equally blamed Bujumbura for providing a safe haven to the Rwanda genocidal group, FDLR, which has previously been operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Burundi says it is not hosting the militants despite international reports that FDLR were incorporated in the Imbonerakure militia to wreak havoc in opposition stronghold areas.

The country slipped into anarchy when Nkurunziza chose to stand for a contested third term in office, a move that sparked violent riots and an underground rebellion.


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