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Museveni Calls for Joint Force to Fight Al Shabaab

Uganda has elite forces operating in Somalia

President Museveni has joined world leaders to “strongly condemn” the grisly attack on Garissa University in Kenya in which at least 147 students were brutally murdered by Al Shabaab militants on April 2.

“We have learnt with shock and horror that gunmen invaded Garissa University near Kenya’s border with Somalia on Thursday in a brutal and senseless terror attack, killing scores of  students who were just getting up to start the day.

The terrorist group,  al Shabaab, unashamedly announced that they were behind this criminal attack,” said Museveni in a statement to Chimpreports on Easter Sunday.

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Museveni, who authorised the deployment of hundreds of Ugandan soldiers in Somalia to stabilise the country, said, “The terrorism threat by extremist forces is one of the most urgent problems facing our region.”

He said this “calls for a common strategy and joint efforts by all the countries in our region to fight and defeat the terrorist forces that are determined to roll back the gains we have together been making.”

U.S. President Barack Obama, Pope Francis and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame have since condemned the Garissa bloodbath.

The terrorists raided the institution of learning the morning hours of Thursday before taking students hostage and killing them with gunshots.

Museveni said, “This attack on Garissa University is an attack not only on Kenya but on our entire region. The students massacred at Garissa are citizens of Kenya, but they are the children of all of us in the region, who were preparing to take on various roles to move our region forward.”

He said Government and people of Uganda stand with the government and people of Kenya at this moment as they try to deal with the tragedy at Garissa University.

“We commend the contribution that Kenya, under AMISOM, continues to make to fight terrorism in Somalia as we all work together to rid our region of terrorism. Uganda will continue to work with Kenya and all other countries of the region to move forward the frontiers of peace and eliminate terrorism from our midst,” he added.

Kenya president Uhuru Kenyatta described the Garissa incident as “the most lethal terrorist attack on Kenya since the 1998 US Embassy bombing.”

During the day-long ordeal, the terrorists took more than 800 students hostage; thankfully, more than 600 were rescued.

Kenyan security forces responded and killed 4 of the terrorists while arresting 5.

Museveni said Ugandans’ “prayers are with the families of the people who were brutally murdered in this attack as well as those who were injured. May this horrendous massacre of our children not break our spirit in the struggle against terrorism and extremism but, instead, strengthen our resolve even further and bring us closer together.”

He concluded: “On behalf of the people of Uganda, the government of Uganda, and on my own behalf, may I extend our deepest condolences to the people of Kenya as they mourn the loss of their beloved ones. May God rest their souls in eternal peace.”


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