Museveni Blames Public Servants Over Land Bill Unpopularity; Orders Training  

President Yoweri Museveni

Having come off with less than optimal support though his recent nationwide radio campaigns to promote a new constitutional land reform; President Yoweri Museveni has turned guns on some of the civil servants, who he accused of siding with the saboteurs.

Museveni on Monday ordered the Ministry Information and National Guidance to roll out a nationwide sensitization campaign that should also incorporate public servants.

The Land reform for which Museveni has been drumming support since early last month, seeks to amend Article 26 of the constitution to ease government’s access to private land for its development projects.

Under the amendment which has attracted blanket disapproval even from majority of NRM Parliamentarians, Government will be able to acquire and utilize privately owned land, whether or not the owner is content with the compensation provided. They can challenge it in court but when they have vacated the land.

Museveni said while speaking at the 55th Independence Celebrations in Bushenyi, that the land reform proposal is in the best interest of the country, and that his he was surprised his people including civil servants are opposed to it.

“I therefore would like to direct the ministry in charge of information and national guidance, to undertake campaigns of rising ideological consciousness of our people,” said the President, adding, “The training should also target the public officers.”

According to Museveni, after 55 years of independence, there is still no public spirit in the public service.

“I have said many times that the function of a public servant is to do utmost and dedicated service in the development of Uganda.

“Unfortunately many of our public officers do not understand that the development of the country is linked to their individual success.”

Opponents of the Land amendment think it is a ploy by government to grab people’s land.

But Museveni termed its opposition from public servants as indiscipline, which he said has been ongoing for a long time.

He ordered Permanent Secretaries in various Ministries to reign in on these undisciplined officers.

“This disorder must stop. From now on, all permanent secretaries will be held accountable for their inaction against undisciplined officers,” he said.

“You must have heard of the measures I put against public servants. A few are in courts of law and some been dismissed. This is just endozo, (taste) of the things to come.”

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