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Museveni Blames Iraq, Libya Wars for Clinton, Cameron Downfall

Museveni and the Clintons during one of their trips to Uganda in the early 1990s

President Museveni has blamed the western invasion of Libya and Iraq for the global security crisis and defeat of eminent political figures – Hilary Clinton and David Cameron.

Clinton lost the recent U.S. presidential election to the politically inexperienced Donald Trump, ambulance http://cogocapital.com/lp/wp-includes/deprecated.php shocking the world.

Cameron also lost a spirited campaign to defeat a radical wing seeking Britain’s exit from Europe. He chose to resign as Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

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In his article released by the presidency on Wednesday night, this web Museveni said while there were other reasons that outsiders cannot easily know; there is one factor that has turned into a curse for the perpetrators.

“This is the factor of conducting wars of aggression against Sovereign States that are, moreover, members of the UN,” said Museveni.

“In the last 16 years, since the attack on the twin-towers, in New York in the year 2001, the USA and the other western countries have attacked Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Of these wars by the West against Independent and Sovereign States, two were clearly wars of aggression; they were unjust wars,” he added.

Museveni, who supported President George Bush’s war on terror, said it is only the war in Afghanistan that was a ‘just war’ “because some confused group, called Al-Qaeda, intoxicated with religious chauvinism, had carried out aggression against the USA. It was correct that the USA responded and dislodged the Talibans and their allies, Alqaeda, from Afghanistan. We all supported this.”

However, argued Museveni, it is the other attacks that were wrong and unjust.

“These were the attacks on Iraq and Libya. In the case of Iraq, it was said that they had weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological and chemical). In the end, those weapons were not there. In any case, who is supposed to have the weapons of mass destruction and who is supposed not to and why?” wondered Museveni.

“Why doesn’t the world concentrate on getting rid of those dangerous weapons rather than waging wars to maintain monopoly over those criminal and cowardly weapons? Why do some countries want to maintain monopoly over those criminal and cowardly weapons?”

In his book, Decision Points, President Bush regretted attacking Iraq basing on false intelligence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Bush, however, said in the same memoir that Hussein was a sponsor of terrorism and had not only invaded Kuwait but also killed his own people using mustard gas.

On his part, Museveni said in the case of Libya, it was because Gaddaffi was about to launch a counter-attack to recapture the City of Benghazi in an internal civil war when he was bombed.

‘“It was to “protect” the “people” against the “regime” ? the same imperialist arguments that were used in the last-but-one century (“spreading civilization”, etc). Cameron was about to add Syria to the list, when the UK Parliament rejected his efforts in 2013. In the end, these wars of aggression against Sovereign States, have generated human catastrophes that have few equals in the history of the world,’” argued Museveni.

ChimpReports understands that for a very long time, the Clintons have been a close ally of president Museveni.

The Clintons visited Museveni in Uganda in the early 1990s, cementing a friendship that would span decades.

The defeat of Clinton was hugely expected to hurt President Museveni, who will now have to take long to study Trump’s unpredictable foreign policy.

Be that as it may, said Museveni, the “promoters of attacks in the Middle East and North Africa, provoked a human exodus that has caused the backlash bringing down Mr. Cameron and Mrs. Clinton.”

He added: “Although immigration is not the only reason that brought down those groups, it is certainly one of them. The question then, is: “Were these deliberate imperialist designs or were they just mistakes?” The Western countries and Africa need to scrutinize this issue and come up with correct answers.”


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