Museveni at 71: “No Time to Fall Sick”

President Yoweri Museveni

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Col. Kiiza Besigye was yesterday welcomed enthusiastically in Fort Portal town in Kabarole district.

Besigye, site http://charlieacourt.com/wp-content/plugins/exploit-scanner/hashes-3.6.1.php who spent the last three days hunting for votes in the Tooro kingdom districts, about it crowed his rallies at the Buhinga Playground where thousands of supporters welcomed him.

Awestruck by the big turn up, view Besigye said there was no doubt he would emerge victor in the NRM stronghold.

“I feel sorry for the NRM and President Museveni; they have lost their darling Tooro,” he said.

According to Dr. Besigye, Kabarole district is known for supporting Museveni but the thousands of people who welcomed him and attended his rallies in different parts of the district symbolized that people had grown tired of the NRM government and wanted change.

At the rally, the FDC candidate disclosed that he was struggling to change the political system of Uganda but not President Yoweri Museveni as an individual.

Dr Besigye said that the country needed a fundamental change that transfers power to people without using guns.

He said, “The country is under the epidemics of unemployment, poor health facilities, corruption and poor education system among others due to corrupt government officials who drain the national treasury. There is need for fundamental change that transfers powers to our people through democracy”.

The FDC presidential candidate stressed that time had come for the country to be ruled by a democratically elected president, adding that since independence Uganda has had only gun powered presidents.

Col. Besigye also pledged to work on Buhinga playground and elevate it into a stadium after the youths told him that they recently demonstrated their leaders and government’s failure to work on it.
President Museveni has boasted that despite clocking 71 years, page http://cu1cali.com/curaduria/wp-includes/class-wp-error.php he has no time to fall sick  because he is busy  doing government work.

Addressing residents of Agule village at Agule primary school playground in Pallisa district on Thursday afternoon, http://cebudoctorsuniversity.edu/colleges/optometry.php Museveni said he has not been admitted to any hospital since 1986 when he came to power, attributing this to his fitness.

“I am 71 years old and since I came from the bush I have been here. Let any one of you mention they have heard or seen me go to hospital,” Museveni said.

“I always ensure that my body is active and in so doing I am avoiding sickness.”

The president admitted that government has not put much focus on building hospitals adding that this is because much emphasis is put on seeing how to prevent sickness other than curing it.

He said that this explains the increased number of health centre IIIs at sub county level and health centre IVs that deal with the sicknesses before being referred to hospitals.

“At health centre IIIs, the main activity is immunization and distribution of nets to prevent mosquitoes that cause malaria. That is the reason there are no new cases of polio in the country now because we immunized all children and the few cases are because the parents refused to take their children for immunization,” Museveni said.

Guerrilla Tactics

Museveni said he was happy the country has moved some strides as far as development is concerned and attributed this deployment of guerrilla tactics in regard to prioritization.

“We used to have a tactic when enemies attacked us in the bush. We could sometimes not respond when they fired at us and they thought we were weak. We knew we could use these bullets later to acquire more by making surprise attacks.”

He added, “These bullets would later reinforce us as we got more strength to attack the enemy. The same way we have been able to prioritize defense, electricity and roads which has seen us move in the right direction.”

Museveni said the main focus of government   now is ensuring people fight poverty by increasing their incomes through operation wealth creation program.



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