Museveni Asks Tooro Kingdom To Revive Cultural Values

President Yoweri Museveni has asked Tooro Kingdom to embark on serious restoration of the indigenous African traditional cultural values like family values and unity as starting point to ending conflicts in the area.

Museveni observed that “Toro Kingdom is a pride of the country’s cultural revival and government appreciates the good relationship between Tooro and other kingdoms” which needs to be strengthened for peace and harmony to prevail.

He said, clinic “The cultural institutions might appear different but all people have much to learn from each other’s experience as they preserve their cultures”.

This was contained in the president’s speech read for him by the 1st Deputy Prime Minister Kirunda Kivejinja at the 21stCoronation anniversary of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukiidi IV held at Karuziika Palace in Fort Portal on Saturday.

The President commended Toro Kingdom for patterning with government to support government programs of promoting peace and harmonious co-existence.

He said. “The NRM government restored cultural institutions to enable you bring development to the subjects. What you’re witnessing now at King Oyo’s coronation is a brand manifestation of the fruits and good governance of NRM government enjoyed by Ugandans”.

The president showed government commitment to continue providing support to Tooro Kingdom in all spheres of development and preserving the cultural heritage of Tooro.

In his speech, information pills King Oyo encouraged his subjects and leaders at all level to work together to preserve their culture. He asked the central government to introduce a policy of teaching culture in both primary and secondary level.



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