Museveni Accused of Bribing MPs

Mukono Member of Parliament Hon Betty Nambooze

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nabooze Bakileke has accused President Museveni for using money to influence the reelection of Jacob Oulanya as the Deputy Speaker for the 10th Parliament which commenced business on Thursday.

Nambooze while speaking to Chimpreports after the voting exercise at the Parliamentary building said the 10th Parliament has stated on a sad note. She was referring to the Shs. 5million that President Museveni gave out to the NRM Members of Parliament supposedly to hold congratulatory parties for themselves.

In his address to the house, sick http://ceris.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-http-curl.php the President Museveni clarified that the money was also to help the MPs out of the debts they might have plunged in during the electioneering season.

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“I had to rescue my MPs; the politics has currently been spoilt but people should know that politics is voluntary work unlike the private sector which people enter just to make profits, prescription ” Museveni said.

The President noted that the money was not necessity to bribe the MPs to elect NRM’s Jacob Oulanyah as Deputy Speaker.

President Museveni addressing the first sitting of the 10th Parliament (Photos by Nixon Segawa)

President Museveni addressing the first sitting of the 10th Parliament (Photos by Nixon Segawa)

This was however challenged by the opposition members who demanded that the President reveals the source of funds.

“I didn’t sell my cows to raise the money but fundraised from different sources. Besides even the opposition also receives funding from government, ask ” Museveni said.

Meanwhile, Nambooze urged the Deputy Speaker elect to work hard to “salvage his image having obtained the seat though corruption.”

“I also must thank Mohammed Nsereko who stood his ground and proved that the house has at least got a total of 115 members that can’t be corrupted by money,” Nambooze said.

Asked why she nominated UPDF representative, Felix Kulaigye who later declined to stand for Speaker, Nambooze said that her aim was to prove to the Nation that UPDF has no space in Parliament since it is partisan.

“I wanted to remind the nation about the debate of having UPDF pushed out of Parliament and he gave me an extra prize when he declined to the position and declared his support to Oulanyah.”



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