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Museveni: A Mayor who Joins Chaotic Activities is Useless

President Yoweri Museveni has urged leaders of urban areas in Uganda to focus on creating industrial areas for job creation and transformation of lives, information pills Chimp Corps report.

Museveni expressed surprise that while many young people remain unemployed some leaders were obsessed with opposition politics instead of creating opportunities for growth.

“Urban areas need peace to develop, for sale ” said Museveni, website like this adding, “If you see a mayor associating himself with walk to work or other chaotic activities, know he is useless.”

Museveni, who was Monday addressing the Urban Authorities Association of Uganda at Ntare School in Mbarara, was referring to Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago who has been actively engaged in opposition politics which authorities describe as disruptive.

Museveni appealed to the leaders to ensure provision of clean and affordable water to poor people.

He emphasised that streets must be properly lit with street lights and ICT hubs put in place to tap into opportunities in the technology world.

President Museveni agreed to provide transport means to the Mayors, Town Clerks, Divisions and Town Council Chairpersons.

The request was made by the Authorities’ chairperson Majid Batambuze.

Museveni pledged 1,000 pickup trucks to the urban authorities and an extra 400 for garbage collection.

Museveni arrives at Ntare School in Mbarara on Monday

Museveni arrives at Ntare School in Mbarara on Monday

“Uganda cannot fail to afford 1,000 pickups for leaders to perform their duties. Dirty towns also give us a very bad image. We shall not tolerate this,” said Museveni.

He also pledged Shs 200m towards the construction of the organisation’s UAAU house in Kampala.

However, the president refused to endorse the increment of the officials’ salaries and allowances as requested.


Museveni said resources are being allocated to national development projects such as construction of roads and health facilities; extension of power and water lines and mechanizing agriculture.

“Don’t budget for a lot of things. And in principle I am not against your salary increment but don’t get me off track,” Museveni charged.

Museveni said there is time for everything and that after completing the infrastructural development he will look into their salary increase.

The President said leaders should teach the public the four key ways to create wealth; agriculture, industries, services and information technology.

“Mbarara town used to have a population of 50,000 to 60,000 but now has 240,000. All those need jobs yet Mbarara has shops, shops and shops,” said Museveni.

“We must reverse this trend. They should become industrial towns which employ many more people than shopping towns. Several of our towns are developing in a distorted way. They’re shops selling threads, kerosene, cooking oil, sugar.”


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