Murder Trial for Woman who ‘Burnt Husband, Kids to Death’

Accused: Edith Kayaga taking oath in court recently

Qalaa Holdings, stomach an African leader in infrastructure and industry, symptoms in a bid to boost intra Trade between Egypt and East African Countries will on September 9, check 2015 hold a conference to present Rift Valley Railways to local exporters.

Held under the auspices of  Egypt’s Minister of Trade and industry, the conference themed, “Rift Valley Railways: An Integrated Logistics Solution in East Africa,” will highlight Qalaa Holdings’ strategy to increase the presence of Egyptian businesses in Africa.

The event which will be attended by leading members of the Egyptian business community, will also highlight the competitive advantages of using rail as the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly mode of transporting goods in East Africa.

“East Africa offers potentially lucrative opportunities for Egyptian exporters. By taking advantage of rail transport, we can significantly increase the volume of trade between Egypt and East Africa,” Karim Sadek the Managing Director and Head of Transportation and Logistics at Qalaa Holdings said.

“At Qalaa Holdings, we have been committed to developing a fully integrated transportation and logistics platform through RVR to offer high-quality and affordable services that can help exporters overcome the major obstacles associated with the transport of goods in the region such as customs clearance, logistics and security concerns,”  Sadek added.

The one-day event organized by Qalaa Holdings and Rift Valley Railways in cooperation with the African Commercial Bureau will include valuable insight and ideas from a team of seasoned experts in the field of transportation and logistics in the East Africa.
Police on Wednesday afternoon unleashed teargas canisters on hundreds of supporters of Independent Presidential aspirant Hon Amama Mbabazi.

Mbabazi was slated to hold a rally at the Soroti Independence square, stuff which was however sealed off by anti riot police earlier in the morning.

The venue was then moved to Soroti Sports ground where the supporters enthusiastically welcomed the presidential aspirant in the afternoon.

Police however intercepted Mbabazi’s procession as he arrived, clinic and told him that the rally was in complete breach of the constitution.

The Regional Police Commander Philip Acayo told Mbabazi that he had orders to disallow the rally, but the former Premier insisted that the Electoral Commission was acting in disregard of the law.

The EC deems Mbabazi’s meetings as open election campaigns, and not the constitutional consultative meetings.

Anti riot police then cordoned off the grounds, which incensed the supporters. These started hurling stones at the police which in turn scattered them with teargas.

Mbabazi in the meantime sat safely at a distance, while a huge circle of supporters protected him from Police.

In a while when the teargas subsided, Mbabazi addressed his supporters briefly, telling them that government would not succeed in suppressing his idea.

Mbabazi noted that most people had misinterpreted his long silence as lack of support, adding that that when he came out in June this year to make his declaration, most of his enemies were caught off guard.

He then called off the rally and proceeded to the Soroti Lions Club where he addressed a closed consultative meeting.

Earlier in the day there were unprecedented sights of UPDF jets flying over eastern town of Soroti, much to the dismay of the locals.

The UPDF has however come out to clarify that the MiGs were not there to interfere with Mbabazi’s rally.

“Jets flying in Soroti are on a routine training exercise, not connected to Rt Hon Mbabazi’s presence,” clarified the army spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda.
Nakawa High Court Judge Wilson Masalu Museni has given the state prosecution side in the case where Edith Kayaga is charged with three murder counts a period of one week to file in their reply to the submission made by the defense counsel Anthony Wameli.

This followed the failure of the state Prosecutor Doreen Erima and the court assessor’s failure to turn up in court on Tuesday which resulted into failure for court to proceed thus adjourning the matter to October 26.

Wameli said he was surprised by the state prosecution’s delay to reply their submissions served on August 24.

Prosecution alleges Kayaga on June 3, doctor 2013 set on fire her home in Buwaate Kira town council, generic Wakiso district leading to the death of her husband Ismail Kawooya and two of his children – Shakira Nakubulwa and Saida Namale.

The accused denies the charge.

Justice Museni urged the parties in the case to report to Nakawa court starting October 26 for the criminal session as the new premises in Naguru will be used for only civil suits due to the limited space available.

Dozens turned up for the hearing of the case.


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