Mumbere Can Be Tried in Army Court, Says Kaweesi

The police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has revealed that despite State Prosecution not having any thought of trying the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere in the General Court Martial, this it is not out of the question.

Responding to a question during the Monday news conference, Kaweesi told journalists that although the crimes allegedly committed by the Omusinga have a connection with use of fire arms, they haven’t thought of trying him in the army court, but quickly added that this option is not entirely off the table.

“If our investigations go beyond certain limits, the DPP can advise to have him tried in the Court Martial, “Kaweesi said.

On last week’s re-arrest of the Rwenzururu king, Kaweesi said it was done within the law because it was in relation to other charges, different from the ones he had been granted bail for.

“Evidence has come in indicating he was having a hand in crimes perpetrated in early 2016 and these are charges we arrested him for on Friday. ”

Kaweesi said that on the amended charge sheet, Mumbere would be answering to charges related to murder and treason.

He said that before the end of this week, Mumbere will appear in court for fresh charges against him by the state.

“He had not been arrested for these charges but this week he will appear in court.”

Speaking to journalists on Friday, Kasese MPs led by the Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza blasted government for what they termed as curtailing their king’s freedom.

“After being embarrassed with the first tramped up charges, the state wants to get more embarrassed by arresting our king,”Kiiza told journalists.

Mumbere’s lawyers too were perturbed; “At first we thought they were trying to beef up security for him to be protected but realized it was not the case. Had they come with a warrant, it would be fine but they just grabbed him without any document, “Sam Muyizzi one of Mumbere’s lawyers told journalists on Friday.

Mumbere was arrested on November 27 together with over 100 royal guards after the UPDF and police overrun his palace.

Over 100 other royal guards were killed during the raid on the Obuhikira palace in Kasese town.

He would later be charged in the Jinja Chief Magistrate’s Court of terrorism, aggravated robbery, murder and treason among other offences.

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