Mumbere Brother: Rwenzururu Kingdom Provoked Govt in Rwenzori War

Photo shared by Kibanzanga

Christopher Kibanzanga, what is ed the brother of jailed Rwenzururu King Wesley Mumbere, visit this has denounced the violence in the region which he implied was caused by Kingdom officials.

Kibanzanga formerly served as a senior official in the opposition FDC led then by Dr Kizza Besigye.

His activism saw the party wield considerable political clout and win decisive electoral battles in the volatile region.

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His prominent position in the party and close relationship with Besigye cemented the link between FDC and Rwenzururu Kingdom.

This relationship unsettled government until the 2014 Rwenzururu militia attacks on security installations that left dozens dead.

Kibanzanga would later meet President Museveni at Rwakitura where the former denounced the violence and pledged to cooperate with NRM to restore sanity in Rwenzori.

Announcing his post-2016 Cabinet, information pills Museveni revealed Kibanzanga as one of his ministers.

Sharing his views today about the violence that has left over 100 dead in Rwenzori, Kibanzanga said Rwenzururu officials are reneging on their commitment to end an era of fighting.

“This was the day Rwenzururu denounced violence and we chose to reconcile, make peace and accept to coexist. This was on 15th August 1982,” said Kibanzanga.

“Those who are taking us back to violence, you are violating our agreement we made with the rest of the world,” he added.

His post on Facebook attracted negative criticism from his followers who accused him of dining with the NRM and not showing concern for his brother who is in jail.

The visibly enraged Kibanzanga responded: “If I may ask some of you, how many of you are members of the privy council of Rwenzururu Kingdom? How many of you are members of the Rwenzururu elders’ council? How many of you are members of the cabinet of OBR? Have you bothered to ask where and who took the resolution to recruit six hundred royal guards in the Kingdom and open up camps across the mountain range?”

He further challenged Ugandans on social media: “You mean your so idiotic to have seen that this was causing a conflict between the Kingdom and central government? Please stop owning up crimes of few individuals making money by playing the with the lives of our children to be crimes of society and communities.”

He revealed that he warned those who were involved in the 2014 crimes by to secure amnesty.

“I assisted them in 2014. You gave me names. I kept quiet about your quarreling.”

The minister said he gave his all to secure a soft landing for the militants in vain.

“I was in Kagingo, Burahya appealing to the boys to come down and stop causing trouble for the Kingdom, you said I am bought,” he added.

“For me it’s not that what happened but how did I fail to stop that and how come that people didn’t see what was coming.”

Mumbere faces charges of murder at a court in Jinja. But officials say more charges of murder, terrorism and treason will be slapped on the embattled King.


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