Multi-Billion Water Project Launched in Ngora District

District leaders hand over the contract agreement to the contractors

By: Sam Okallebo

Government through the Ministry of Water and Environment with funding from the World Bank has commenced works for the long awaited multi-billion piped water project to supply the districts of Ngora and Kumi.

Leaders of the two districts on Wednesday signed contract agreements between the ministry officials and the contractor, stuff M/s China Geo Engineering Corporation which was awarded the contract at total cost of Shs 44 billion.

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According to Eng Richard Matua, view an official in the Ministry of Water and Environment, government received a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the implementation of the water management and development. The project is aims at construction of new, improving and expansion of existing water supply in both small and large towns.

The project is estimated to benefit over 200,000 locals in the two districts which have been facing water crisis with a jerrycan of water costing Shs 1,000.

During the site handover to M/s China Geo Engineering Corporation on Wednesday, the RDC Kumi, Joseph Okwakol and that of Ngora John Henry Ariong thanked government for the project and cautioned the contractor against importing labour to undertake works for the project.

“We are serious on this. We want to ensure that the indigenous people are given priority to work so that they feel ownership of the project,” Okwakol said.

Ngora RDC, John Henry Ariong urged locals to embrace the project for their own good, saying that it is aimed at improving their lives.

Ngora District chairperson, Ben Eumu said, the coming of the project will solve issues of domestic violence which have been common over water crisis in the district.

He says men have been beating up their women suspecting them of having extra marital relationship especially when they delay from the few available water sources.

Eumu said, the project will boost up development in the two districts of Ngora and Kumi because many people will have access to water for construction.

The FDC leaning politician commended the NRM government for bringing what he described as big achievement for him as the District Chairperson Ngora.

Kumi District chairperson, Christine Apolot pledged to keenly supervise the implementation of the project till its completion.

“We want to see there is transparency in the implementation process and that there is value for money,” Apolot said.

Rose Aanyu, a resident of Agu village which is one of the beneficiaries of the project commended government for bringing the project saying this will now relieve them from the domestic violence.

“We have been suffering a lot, walking for long distances in search for clean water and sharing drinking water with animals. But the coming of this project will help us,” Aanyu said.

The project manager M/s China Geo Engineering Corporation, Licing Wuxin said, they expect to complete the work within 14 months.

“We are very serious on this project and we promise to do our best to ensure work is completed in time,” Wuxing said.

The water treatment plant will be constructed in Agu water supply which will be pumped to the three big water tanks in the areas of Kobuku, Nyero and Kumi municipality.


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