Mulago: Mabirizi Complex Jumper Still Alive

Mustafa Kalule is recovering in Mulago Hospital. (Courtesy Photo)

Mulago Hospital has disputed earlier Police reports that Mustafa Kalule, for sale the man who attempted suicide, malady jumping off Mabirizi complex on Saturday has died.

“The boy is alive, discount he is okay and is recovering,” Mulago Hospital publicist, Enock Kusasira, told ChimpReports on phone.

Paul Kangave, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson earlier today reported that Kalule passed on last night at Mulago National Referral Hospital where he was being treated.

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“The man who police rushed to Mulago hospital last Saturday after jumping from the top of Mabirizi Complex, has succumbed to injuries,” he said.

“We haven’t looked at the postmortem report but we suspect he could have died due to multiple injuries sustained when he fell from Mabirizi,” Kangave added.

Kusasira however confirmed that Kalule had sustained an open head injury and an arm fracture but he is okay and recovering.

“The reports are not true. The boy is still in the neuro department and is recovering. He underwent a surgery and right now he is even able to stand.”

“I want to call upon the public to stay calm and disregard any such rumours,” he added.

Mustafa Kalule, a resident of Kawempe was Saturday seen standing on top of Mabirizi Complex before he jumped and landed on car that was parked by the roadside.

He sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Mulago Hospital.


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