Mulago Children’s Cancer Ward Gets a Shs36M Boost

Zep-Re officials handover the cheque to Mulago Hospital officials on Tuesday

There was a ray of hope today May 23rd at the Mulago Hospital’s children’s cancer ward as three children who survived cancer of the blood (normally known as leukemia) were given certificates to congratulate them upon being brave and surviving the killer disease.

This was also meant to give hope to the children who are struggling with different kinds of cancer at the institute.

Edward Mponye, tadalafil Amaani Butali and Abra Hibatullah have all spent three years at the institute going through treatment (chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy) and have finally been found cancer free.

The institute was joined by Zep-Re insurance company to celebrate the survivals and give hope to the patients.

Zep-Re gave out a cheque of 36 million shillings to help out in the medical checkups and buying the medication for the children whose guardians cannot afford it.

Dr. Joseph lubega the head Pediatric Oncologist at the institute appreciated the effort by Zep Re and asked more companies and well-wishers to come in and help in the fight against cancer.

He said; “as much as the services here are free, discount sometimes we find when we don’t have some of the medication needed and yet it’s very expensive and most patients cannot afford it. That why it’s important that private companies and the government come in to donate, medications any kind of help to save life and we appreciate it.”

He asked guardians of the children who are at the institute not to give up hope because the process of healing takes time but it is always worth it when they see a child who has survived.

Hope Murera the managing director of Zep-Re insurance company while handing over a cheque to the institute said they were proud to be associated with the institute that was doing everything possible to give hope and a new life to the children.

“As a company, we are honored to be here as part of the efforts to assist in bringing hope and offering compassion to the children receiving cancer treatment and care. We appreciate all the doctors here who are doing a tremendous job in keeping these children alive and hopeful. We understand that this is more than just a job, it’s a special calling from God and we are glad that you are not shying away,” Murera said.

“We hope that our visit will not only help assist these lovely children as they make inroads towards recovery but also raise the awareness on the subject of children’s cancer among the wider public whose perception penetration is low and infact majority are unaware that about 80% of childhood cancer is curable,” said william Ariyo, the chairman Zep-Re insurance.


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