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MUK Student Sentenced to 45 Years in Jail

Justice Steven Kavuma

A top defence official has told ChimpReports that Uganda lost a ‘considerable number’ of battle-hardened soldiers during a surprise and deadly attack on the AMISOM base at Janaale, viagra Lower Shabelle Region in Somalia on Tuesday.

The offensive launched by Al Shabaab involved heavy explosions that saw scores of AMISOM forces including Ugandan soldiers, ailment killed.

“We are trying to verify the number our men whose lives were lost in this heinous attack. We suspect the number to be high given the nature of the terrorist attack on our base,” said a top UPDF commander who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

The source further said, “This could be one of the deadliest attacks we have witnessed in a long time.”

UPDF Spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda was not readily available for comment.

However, AMISOM confirmed the death of Ugandan soldiers in a statement issued Tuesday night.

“The Special Representative of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia and Head of AMISOM, Ambassador Maman Sidikou has condemned the attack as reprehensible and praised the heroism of the peacekeepers who were killed during this attack noting that they have paid a worthy price while serving the people of Somalia,” reads part of the statement.

“Ambassador Sidikou commiserates with the government and people of Uganda on the losses suffered during this heinous attack.”

The militants used a car loaded with explosives to trigger the attack and to facilitate their forced entry into the camp after which they engaged AMISOM soldiers in a gun-battle.

“Although our troops undertook a tactical withdrawal following the initial vehicle borne explosive attack, they have since consolidated and regained full control of the base,” AMISOM clarified.

“Given the complex nature of the attack, AMISOM is currently verifying the number of casualties and extent of the damage.”

Uganda maintains over 6,000 troops in Somalia who have played a pivotal role in the liberation of strategic towns from Al Shabaab militants.

Al Shabaab said the attack was in response to AMISOM soldiers’ killing of seven civilians at a wedding in Marka on July 31, 2015.

Following this incident, AMISOM told a press conference that three soldiers were indicted and awaiting to be arraigned before a military judicial process.
12:50pm: FDC Electoral Commission chairperson, viagra Dan Mugarura takes to the podium.

He commends Dr Kizza Besigye and Mugisha Muntu for playing mature politics during the campaigns for 2016 election flag-bearer.

Mugarura calls for unity among FDC leaders, assuring that the election will be free and fair. He then invites Dr Besigye to address the crowd.

11:57 am: Several FDC leaders contesting for the vacant National Executive Committee (NEC) positions are now campaigning before delegates.

Former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa arrives at Namboole for the delegates conference.

10:22 am: FDC Secretary General, Nandala Mafabi takes to the podium to give the status of FDC report.

As soon he commences his speech, presidential hopeful Dr Kizza Besigye enters the room amid a thunderous applause.

Mafabi leads delegates in a moment of silence to remember the precious life of Nabossa Ssebugwawo, the daughter of top party leader, Joyce Ssebugwawo.

Mafabi continues with his speech: “I would like to thank all funders for the financial support they have extended to us.

I thank our MPs for their generosity in raising funds for the party. The party secretariat is understaffed with only 12 people. However, these few people have done a tremendous job.

I commend the party electoral commission for the work they have done right from the grassroots structures and have since organised two elections.

We want to into elections without any debt.

Today is another day to conclude unfinished business by NEC and i recognise the two presidential contenders – Dr Besigye and Rtd Gen Muntu.

It is important for you to know the matter is set to be concluded today. We are going to issue an extensive program.

We want to train women and youth in leadership skills as we prepare to take over leadership.

We shall continue supporting special groups through workshops, meetings and seminars. We shall discuss issues affecting them like unemployment and poverty among others.

FDC is built around the principles of peace and unity. We should place the party at the forefront of constitutionalism, rule of law, good governance and zero tolerance to corruption.

In attendance are Ken Lukyamuzi of Conservative Party, UPC President Olara Otunnu and ousted Kampala Mayor, Erias Lukwago.

Mafabi speaking at the occasion

Mafabi speaking at the occasion

10:14 am: MP Roland Kaginda now carrying out a roll call of the delegates.

Dr Kizza Besigye and Rtd Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu expected to arrive soon at the Delegates Conference taking place at Mandela National Stadium.

9:57 am: Acting Party President Mr Reagan Okumu speaks:

“FDC will today shall walk out stronger and bigger. We must tighten our belts and be stronger than ever before to face the darkest moments of the ruling regime.

The regime will collapse if they realise the pressure on them by ourselves.

Conflicts are unavoidable but the family must move on together. The ability to manage conflicts should be central.

We have ashamed the enemy by our ability to manage conflicts within our party. After this campaign we should walk out united.

I call upon FDC to recognise our friends elsewhere and those still with the regime and tell them that we offer them the best option.

To the peasants and the poor, we are with you. We should be confident and wait for victory as it is on our side.”

An excited FDC supporter welcomes Besigye to the venue

An excited FDC supporter welcomes Besigye to the venue


9:00am: The FDC National Delegates Conference has kicked off at Mandela National Stadium with almost 1,000 delegates turning up to chose the largest opposition party’s flag-bearer in the 2016 presidential elections.

Chaos broke out today morning when over 100 FDC delegates were blocked from accessing the venue of today’s function.

The party’s security maintains that the aggrieved ‘delegates’ are not on the register of accredited delegates.

“We never got accreditation cards. The FDC Electoral Commission should have printed enough cards for us because we were invited by the party to take part in this election,” one of the FDC delegates charged.

Deputy FDC EC Chairman, Michael Kabaziguruka and Secretary General, Nandala Mafabi are trying to take control of the situation.

According to one of the delegates, “there isn’t any form of transparency in the accreditation process.”

Police have intervened by beefing up deployment at the scene.

Kabaziguruka assured the situation would be handled properly by attending to the grievances of some of the delegates.


While several NEC positions will be filled today, the biggest contest is between FDC President Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu and Dr Kizza Besigye on leading the party in the 2016 elections.

Muntu on Sunday boasted of a ‘new message’ and ‘new method’ which endear him to majority of the population in the country.

Opposition figures Erias Lukwago, Olra Otunnu and Ken Lukyamuzi attending the function

Opposition figures Erias Lukwago, Olra Otunnu and Ken Lukyamuzi attending the function

On his part, Dr Besigye said he commands overwhelming support across the country due to his resilience in the struggle against President Museveni and his participation in previous presidential elections.

Dr Besigye on Tuesday accused Muntu of ferrying delegates from upcountry areas and providing them with accommodation, a move the former party president said violates the standing rules laid down by political organisation’s Electoral Commission.

Gen Muntu said the delegates did not get proper communication to stay in their respective areas after his planned meeting with them was cancelled by the EC.


According to the agenda, today’s function opens with a national anthem and FDC prayer after which delegates will get a briefing from the chairperson.

A roll call will be made before reading of the status report of the party by the Secretary General.

Brief campaigns for the pending 17 NEC positions will take place after which Muntu and Besigye will speak to delegates for their support.

Immediately after, elections will take place.

By 4:00pm, according to the FDC EC’s chairperson, Dan Mugarura, “we will have known our flag-bearer in the 2016 elections.”

After declaration of results, the loser of the flag-bearer race will concede defeat followed by the winner’s acceptance speech.

The chairperson will henceforth announce the closure of the meeting to allow the departure of delegates.

ChimpReports is giving a live coverage of the event.
Three Court of Appeal Justices have sentenced a former Makerere University Student to 45years in Prison for murdering a Bugema University first year Student.

Duke Mabeya Gwaka has been found guilty of the murder of Ruth Oirene Nyirangi, more about a Kenyan national in August 2008 at GMKA Guest House, Kawaala in Rubaga Division.

Mabeya, also a Kenyan national was convicted and sentenced to 45years on December 8 by High Court Judge Simon Byabakama Mugenyi and being dissatisfied with both the conviction and sentence, he appealed.

Three justices led by Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma ruled that Mabeya is responsible for the murder of the deceased because she had accused him of embezzling her tuition money.

The judges relied on the evidence of two GMKA Guest House workers who identified the convict as a person who had booked room 15 at the guest house where the deceased’s body was found lying in a pool of blood.

CREDIT: Campus Bee


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