Muhoozi Reminisces About War in Lango

Muhoozi with his colleagues in Lango

Senior Presidential Advisor in Charge of Special Operations (Police and UPDF), advice Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, shop 43, has spoken out on his moments of war in Northern Uganda.

Muhoozi was among the officers deployed in Lango to rout Joseph Kony’s Lords’ Resistance Army (LRA).

On several occasions, Muhoozi would lead commando units in operations against the rebel movement’s fighters.

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Muhoozi on Sunday released a picture from the past in which he is seen with other combatants in a bush.

He said on Twitter he was at the time, “patrolling with comrades in Northern Uganda in 2006, during the anti-LRA insurgency campaign.”

We asked Muhoozi to shed more light on this operation against Kony and his fighters.

“We had heard that there were LRA gangs in the vicinity of our base,” recalled Muhoozi in a brief interview with ChimpReports on Sunday.

“We thought they were preparing to attack us,” he added.

A surprise attack on a UPDF base would have had disastrous consequences for the government soldiers.

LRA had also made its mark by staging ambushes to take senior officers out of action.

It would as well raid UPDF camps in Lango.

With this information at hand, Muhoozi and other officers decided to act swiftly and decisively to avoid an LRA attack.

“So we started pushing out patrols day and night to collect information and engage any groups we chanced upon,” he added.

“So that was one of those patrols,” he told ChimpReports in reference to the photo he shared on his Twitter handle.

By taking the war to the LRA, UPDF ensured the rebels remained in disarray and unable to effectively plan a cohesive attack.

Muhoozi said when LRA “saw how alert we were they avoided us altogether and moved out of the area.”

In the photo, Muhoozi was accompanied by Maj Asinguza who is seen holding a map.

At the time, Asinguza was at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. He is currently an officer with the Special Forces Command (SFC).

Muhoozi said the rest are “all trained commanders” still serving in the Commando Battalion.


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