Muhakanizi: I did Nothing Extraordinary for the Handshake

PSST Keith Muhakanizi is one of the Petroleum Fund signatories

Finance Ministry’s Permanent Secretary/ Secretary to the Treasury (PSST), viagra 40mg Keith Muhakanizi has Friday told the Committee on Commissions, this Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) that there was nothing extra-ordinary he did in the battle where Uganda won the Tax Arbitration case in London.

Muhakanizi confirmed to the committee that he was a beneficiary of the presidential handshake who was categorized as a non-core and he took home Sh66, 477, 398.

Muhakanizi was then asked to explain his role in the case and he revealed he simply did his normal duties as the then Deputy Secretary to the Treasury.

“I was the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury during the period and part of the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development team which was part of the government team which was set up to handle the case of Heritage case,” Muhakanizi began his submission.

“I participated in high level meetings and negotiations leading to consent. I was part of the Ministry team that carried the tax policy and interpretation of tax registration with respect to the application of heritage case, because we are the ministry responsible for designing the tax.”

Muhakanizi also says he participated in technical meetings to discuss the case in respect to the Income Tax Act, production sharing agreement and Stabilization process, tax treaty non-resident persons and resident tax roles.

Asked to explain what he did extraordinarily outside his mandate as the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury then, Muhakanizi responded that there was nothing.

On whether he solicited for the handshake, he noted that he didn’t adding that it is not proper and ethical for a public servant to solicit a reward,

“It would be like an officer soliciting for a promotion which should be determined by the boss.”





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