Mufti Mubajje Attacks Govt On Closure of Madrasas

Sheikh Mubajje preaching during the unity juma prayers in Mbarara yesterday

President Museveni has directed security organs to re-activate military training of members of the public with the view of creating a robustly prepared armed population, stuff Chimp Corps report.

Museveni, information pills in his article to media houses on Saturday, order expressed confidence that the radical Somali extremist group Al Shabaab was already defeated but that innocent and unarmed civilians’ lives remained at stake because of their terrorism activities.

It was on that background that Museveni today suggested that “Al-Shabaab can no longer either fight conventional or guerrilla battles against the AU force and they are only relying on terrorist attacks against the soft, innocent targets.”

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Museveni, a military tactician, said, “We can harden the soft targets with the concept of the Armed population, maybe, initially, in the threatened areas as defined by intelligence.”

He did not expound on areas threatened by Al Shabaab extremists in Uganda.

However, Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura said the killing of Muslim clerics in Uganda was linked to organised groups such as ADF which maintains ties with Al Shabaab.

In 2010, Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the twin bombings in Kampala that claimed at least 79 lives.

Just recently, Brenda Kyeyune, a Ugandan working with UNICEF died after a car in which she was travelling was bombed by Al Shabaab.

Museveni today recalled that “in 1980s, 1990s, when some actors were threatening to invade us, we had trained a Militia of 2 million men and women.”

He said all S-6 leavers used to get military training.  However, with increased Secondary School and University enrollment, the numbers became too big for government to manage.

“We, therefore, suspended that generalized mass training and, instead, concentrated on the areas that had insecurity at that time – Teso, Lango, Karamoja, the Rwenzori Region, etc.  In Teso we had a militia (Local Defence Units – LDUs) of 8,000 known as the Arrow boys; in Lango we had another 8,000 and they were called Amuka, etc.”

Museveni said Mchakamchaka involves a cost of feeding, clothing, equipping, transporting, training (the bullets).

“Since we need that money for the roads (as you all can see the impact on that sector), the electricity etc., we had to scale down on the concept of the Armed People – Povo armada as Frelimo used to call the strategy,” argued Museveni.

“However, it is there and it can be re-activated at any time.  That is why we have Reserve Force Commanders in all the districts.  That is their purpose.  I have, actually, already given confidential instructions to the Armed forces (Police, UPDF, ISO, etc.) to re-activate that strategy as guided by intelligence.”

Police are currently carrying out what is known as Crime Prevention Training especially at the law enforcement body’s facility in Kabalye.

Museveni poured scorn on Al Shabaab’s reign of terror, saying, “In their bankruptcy and ignorance of War, they miscalculate that attacking soft targets will frighten the Africans and cause them to abandon the Somali People to these idiots.  That will not happen.”
The budget for Uganda People`s Defense Force Classified Expenditure for the coming financial year 2015/2016 has increased by more than half to the tune of Shs 609.8bn.

The secret expenditure increased by Shs 264.9bn from Shs 344 bn for the financial year 2014/2015 to the new 609bn figure which is equivalent of 77 percent increase.

The above figure were contained in the Policy Statement for the Ministry of Defense that contains the overall budget projections for UPDF for the coming financial year.

The Policy statement was presented to Parliament on Friday by the Defense minister, thumb Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga who faced numerous questions from the legislators on the sharp rise of Classified Expenditure.

The documents, buy jealously kept far from journalists; which we managed to snatch a glimpse indicate three major breaks down in the classified budget: Land Forces quiet activity, cost Defense Equipment Project and UPDF Peace Keeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The Vote: 004, Land Forces` activity only termed as Classified UPDF Capability Consolidation, is to consume Shs 258,578,085,000.

The above are classified into two; Assorted Strategic Capabilities acquired to match the ever changing security and defense dynamics and the second one is Intelligence Information Gathering operation, secret advancing of frontiers and strategic coordination.

The Project 003, Defense Equipment Project is to take the lion’s share of Shs 342,352,500,000 which is more than half of the total Classified Expenditure budget.

This secret project is for the acquisition of three Strategic Equipment and Machinery which we cannot divulge the details for security reasons.

The first procurement shall cost Shs 64,644,521,000, the second procurement Shs 19,575,000,000 and the last procurement Shs 66,013,125,000.

The 2015/2016 financial year`s Defense Equipment Project budget rose by over 500 percent from 78,300,000 for the ending financial year to 342,352,500,000.

This website in February exclusively published that UPDF wanted Shs. 500bn for acquiring new guns and tanks from Russia that the details are kept classified.

The ministry of Defense which UPDF falls under its docket, entered negotiations with a bank in Russia through the unnamed Russian state owned arms exporting company in mid-2014 to get a loan of USD170m to procure the said classified military equipment.

We however learnt that the company was Rosoboronexport, a sole state intermediary agency for Russia`s exports/imports of defense-related and dual use products.

Project 1178, AMISOM shall get the least at Shs 6,213,000,000. The Classified AMISOM expenditure which is part of the total 298,266,000,000 UPDF`s Somalia budget, also registered increase from Shs 5,374,000,000 in this financial year 2014/2015 to the above Shs 6,213,000,000.

UPDF according to inside sources wants to up the game as Al-Shabaab intensifies their attacks in Somalia, though they have been reduced to suicide and guerilla tactic attacks unlike few years back when they held territories.

The continuous attack in Kenya is also another reason given the primary purpose of the mission is to destroy the enemy from its stronghold.

More enquiry into the 2015/2016 total UPDF budget of Shs 1,460,212,000,000 also revealed the increase in Classified Expenditure (Shs 264.9bn) alone, which takes about two thirds of the entire total budget increase of Shs 352.9bn. The 2014/2015 FY UPDF got a total of Shs 1,107,302,000,000.

The rapid increase in UPDF Classified Expenditure budget started in the FY 2013/2014 when it enlarged by over 100 percent clocking Shs 300bn from the 122bn in the previous FY 2012/2013. The FY 2014/2015 which is ending UPDF got 344bn and the coming 2015/2016 they want 609bn that is waiting Parliamentary approval.



Uganda Muslim Supreme Council yesterday took the 5th Unity Prayers, ambulance to Mbarara Municipality in Western Uganda.

Led by Mufti Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje, order the Juma Prayers were held at Madrasat Nusrat Al-Islam Day and Boarding Primary School Nyamityobora, Mbarara district.

Sheik Mubajje appealed to Muslims in the area to support government in the fight against crime, and enhancement of national security.


He however expressed discomfort with what he termed as deliberate efforts to frustrate the growth of Islam in the country, citing the ongoing closure of Muslim teaching schools known as Madrasas.

He was also irked that Muslims had been sidelined in government, in regard to the number of top political positions allocated to them.


He thus urged Muslims around the country in the coming elections to contest in most of the elective positions from LC1 going up.

Sheikh Mubajje went on to attack his counterparts at the apostate Kibuli faction, which has over the past years accused the UMSC of misappropriating Muslim property.

“They keep complaining that I should bring back their property; what property did they give to me?  Why haven’t they accounted for the Shs 5billion they misappropriated at William Street” Mufti Mubajje said


The function that constituted politicians like the Bushenyi RDC Nickson Kabuye, Islamic leaders from over 30 districts, local government leaders and army officers ended at 6:00pm with Sheikh Mubajje leading the planting of trees in Madrasat Nusrat Al-islama primary school.

Meanwhile the local Imam Sheikh Kaduyi urged Muslims to embark on developing Muslim projects, starting with construction of their own hospital




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