MUBS Ready for University Status, Says Janet Museveni

Makerere University Business School is ready to run an independent degree programme but that will happen following deep consultations with various stakeholders.

This was revealed on Thursday by Education Minister and First Lady, page Janet Kataaha Museveni while touring the ADB projects at the Nakawa-based campus.

“It is good to see African Institutions like MUBS striving to compete globally, cheap ” said Janet.

“Africa has been down for so long, salve it is time for Africa to rise and take its position. It is time to remove the stumbling blocks that are hindering MUBS to compete globally by granting the institution a University status,” she added.

She promised to “consult with the relevant offices” and expressed hope that “the status will be granted.”

MUBS has for many years struggled to permanently break away from its mother Makerere University.

Despite having enough resources, personnel and facilities, MUBS continues to operate in the shadows of Makerere University.

MUBS Principal Prof Wasswa Balunywa also wondered why the relevant institutions especially National Council for Higher Education had taken long to act.

However, Acting Education Ministry Permanent Secretary Aggrey Kibenge said MUBS would be allowed to run its own degree programmes under the Higher Education Science and Technology (HEST) project.

Makerere University recently threatened to block students from MUBS from graduating, claiming that that the Nakawa institution owed them.

On several occasions, the NCHE has advised government that MUBS is not fit to be a university and it was only fit to be a degree awarding institute.

Among the reasons for their recommendation is that MUBS did not have PhDs, a Library and enough structures to qualify for a University status.

Today MUBS has the second largest library in the country and the School has grown in terms of student numbers and PhDs.

Currently MUBS has a total of thirty eight (38) PhDs, 16,000 students at the Main campus in Nakawa and an additional 14,000 from the four up country campuses in Mbarara, Jinja, Arua and Mbale.

Officials say once granted a University status, MUBS will offer all academic credentials; certificates, diplomas, first degrees and post-graduate degrees including PhDs. It will offer a combination of skills, learning, knowledge and thinking.

Balunywa recently told ChimpReports that the institution has plans of increasing access to University education at a reasonable cost, introduce more relevant courses that are geared towards entrepreneurship, improving the performance of trainers and educators as well as the performance of students.


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