MTN Launches New Bundles to Boost SMEs, Corporate Companies

MTN CEO, Brian Gouldie addressing media at Nyonyi Gardens as he launched the new MTN Business bundles

MTN Uganda has today Thursday introduced two new innovative solutions designed to help offer more value and control for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners and large corporate clients while enabling them to manage their costs with greater efficiency.

The ‘Kazi’ bundle which targets SMEs comprises of a combination of voice-call minutes, site SMS’s to all networks , order bundled with data packages designed for multiple users to suit their varying communication needs. Customers will be able to customize their selected bundle according to their specific needs for voice-calls, viagra Data or SMS in varying combinations.

The bundle also comes with additional benefits to users allowing them to make free calls with in their groups as long as the bundle is still active.

While speaking to business partners and the media on Thursday morning, the MTN Business General Manager Reginald Kafeero noted that the Kazi bundle can be managed by a business owner and shared among his colleagues, partners or employees to enable smoother running of day-to-day business operations.

“Kazi bundles can also be used by teams sharing office or shop space so as to save on airtime or communication expenses, while still getting great value for their money,” he added.

The Kazi bundle requires a minimum of four members to form a network and can add up to a maximum of 16 members. However, for clients with a big number of employees, the bundle offers an integration of three groups to make 48 members.

The ‘Business Combo’ which targets large corporations offers Voice, SMS, Data and International bundles which the clients can assign to their employees in different packages to suit the role which the employee plays in driving the organisation’s business agendas.

“We understand that organizations operate within planned budgets, and therefore the introduction of the business combo ensures that corporations have more value, more choice and more control over financial and human resources,” said Kafeero.

MTN also announced the launch of a 24/7 business support centre that will be fully dedicated to SMEs. This is part of an effort to offer personalized customer support, confidential services and cut down on the time that would other wise be spent visiting the service centres.

In his remarks, MTN’s CEO Brian Gouldie described Uganda as the most entrepreneurial country in the world and said that MTN considers it its duty to support this spirit.

“MTN continues to inspire and enable the growth of our business customers in Uganda through integrated telecommunications solutions that ensure efficiency and productivity,” Gouldie said adding that MTN has always embraced technology to create innovative solutions which allow customers to focus on their core business as MTN enables their technology and communication needs.


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