MPs Reject Shs 50M for Presidential Candidates Proposal

MPs rejected the Shs 50million for every presidential candidates

Members of Parliament have unanimously blocked a move by government for each presidential candidate to be provided with Shs 50 to facilitate their campaigns.

Government recently introduced three electoral amendment Bills to Parliament including the Presidential Elections (Amendment) Bill, viagra dosage 2015; the Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill, more about 2015; and the Electoral Commission (Amendment) Bill, 2015.

In the Presidential Elections (Amendment) Bill 2015 the government wants the facilitation provided for a presidential candidate by the Electoral Commission be revised from Shs 20 to Shs 50m.

The house committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs that was charged with handling the Bill had accepted the government proposal that indeed the money should be increased.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga immediately referred the Bills to the committee chaired by the Kajara county MP, Stephen Tashobya when they were laid on the floor of Parliament by the Attorney General, Fred Ruhindi.

The committee in their report on Thursday maintained the government`s position saying those intending to be presidents deserve the money.

MPs however differed from the committee`s position and said there is no need for those thinking to rule Uganda be given money.

The idea of rejection of the proposal was raised by the Aruu County legislator, Odonga Otto who was subsequently supported by MPs from both sides of the house.

“Mr. Speaker there is no reason for someone who is serious and wants to be president be given money for that matter. We should reverse that amount to zero,” Odonga-Otto said attracting applause from the whole house.

The Attorney General tried to explain the government`s intention in bringing the proposals but no one accepted.

Sensing that there was no way out for government to defend its position, the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya who chaired the house simply threw the matter for a vote and the Attorney General with few ministers around him couldn’t manage the full house.

The Presidential Elections (Amendment) Bill 2015 also seeks to revise the nomination fees payable from Shs 8m to Shs 20m, to remove the requirement for a candidate to campaign in every district; to provide for polling to close at 4.00pm on polling day and to require the Electoral Commission to provide for persons engaged in electoral activities or on duty in specific professions or areas vote.

Meanwhile the Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2015 seeks to also revise the nomination fees; provide for closure of polls at 4.00pm and to provide for persons engaged in the electoral activities or on duty in specific professions or areas to vote.


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