MPs Propose Law on Agricultural Chemicals

MPs in Mbarara district in western Uganda yesterday committed to introduce a law that will efficiently regulate the use, there production and sale of agricultural chemicals.

The parliamentarians say the law in necessary for protection of especially of local unskilled farmers who have just been introduced to the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Hon Nassan Itungo stressed that this lack of sufficient knowledge on agricultural inputs by local farmers has been one of the greatest hindrances to the UPDF’s Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) program.

Hon. Nassan Itungo

Hon. Nassan Itungo

The Kashari South MP was yesterday speaking at the regional OWC meeting held at the Mbarara district headquarters in Kamukuzi, search which was chaired by the program’s national coordinator Gen Salim Saleh.

The challenge, according to the MP has been compounded the by the failure by the OWC officials to reach down to the farmers on the ground to advise them on how use the fertilizers and pesticides, to look after the heifers and seedlings given to them under the program.

He added that the farmers are often taken advantage of by the business people selling the chemicals, whose target is only making money out of them.

Speaking at the event, the OWC boss Gen Saleh highlighted insufficient funding as the reason for some of the loopholes and the minimal results so far.

This he said was the reason the local farmers have not been sufficiently visited by the program regional coordinators to advise them.

“The moment you fail to know what is on ground and who to receive what then you’re doing nothing” Salim Saleh said.

He asked leaders to extend the gospel of wealth creation to local people in villages instead of leaving it only for the commandants.



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