MPs, Prisons Bosses Disagree on Conjugal Rights of Inmates

Uganda Prisons bosses met yesterday with MPs on the Human Rights Committee

The debate on allowing prison inmates conjugal rights has sparked a disagreement between some MPs sitting on the Human Rights Committee and the Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons, viagra Dr. Johnson Byabashaija.

The Prisons boss was meeting the committee to answer queries raised in the Uganda Human Rights report to Parliament that faulted the institution of ill-treating inmates.

The debate on conjugal rights of prison convicts was started by Kasanda South legislator, ampoule Simeo Nsubuga who argued that the sentence is enough punishment to prisoners.

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“It is high time Government put an end to punishing the inmates twice, price inmates who have been convicted for long sentences like 20 years should be entitled to conjugal rights so as to keep their families intact.

“In other nations, that arrangement is there. Convicts of long sentence can be given a moment to meet their spouses because this is a human right. It is time for us to begin considering the same,” Nsubuga noted.

The argument was supported by Kilaka South lawmaker, Gilbert Olanya who noted that no man should be denied the right to sex.

However, this was watered down by Bulamogi County MP, Kenneth Lubogo who pointed out that there are many critical issues that should be handled by government other than thinking of conjugal rights of inmates.

“I appreciate the concerns but I also want us to know that not all rights are absolute; we have important areas to address, we have the bucket system, kids in prisons and many others that need to be addressed urgently,” Lubogo said.

This was supported by the Commissioner General Prisons Services, Dr. Johnson Byabashaija told MPs that he has a lot of pressing issues that need to be addressed as priorities.

Byabashaija said; “I have not seen anywhere in our law books where conjugal rights are a necessity. I am not yet able to provide for these visits. As you said, some of my prisoners are sleeping in showers, so conjugal rights are really far at the list of things we are going to do.”


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