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MPs: Police Working With 20 Other Kifesi-like Gangs

IGP Kale Kayihura is reportedly working with a number of criminal gangs

The Uganda Police Force under the leadership of Gen. Kale Kayihura is informally working hand in hand with 21 organized dreaded groups around Kampala, decease Wakiso and Mukono, ed Parliament has heard.

This was revealed in Parliament on Thursday during a hot debate on the conduct of police. The shadow minister of Internal Affairs, Mwanga Kivumbi who moved the motion on the matter told the house that it is not only the infamous Kifesi gang that is operating with the police in carrying out some of the sensitive activities of the force but 20 others also exist.

“The police force is unlawfully nurturing, supporting, funding and working with 21 criminal groups. Kifesi is already known by everyone,” Mr. Kivumbi said on the floor of Parliament.

Kivumbi however fell short of naming the other 20 gang groups.

This website is aware of two other groups in the names of B-13 and Kasolo. According to sources the two groups don’t mix with Kifesi and any event of getting in contact they terribly clash. Each group is said to be controlling respective territories and untouchable by other groups.

ChimpReports on Thursday afternoon exclusively reported that a good number of Members of Parliament were plotting to force the resignation of Inspector General of Police Gen. Kayihura whom they believed is personally responsible for the brutality exercised by his force recently.

In his motion, Kivumbi stated that police commanders should be singled out and “dealt” with.
“It is not the entire police force that is unleashing violence and acting unprofessionally but a few leaders in police who should account for their deeds,” he said.

The legislator who also represents Butambala county mentioned Kayihura, Kampala Metropolitan Operations Commander James Lweza and the Kampala Central Police Commander Haron Baguma.

“Many in Uganda police are professional but unfortunately victims of the few. It is clear Kayihura and some few of his commanders are tarnishing the image of the whole police. The few should be uprooted.”

Kivumbi stressed that the “undisciplined” commanders are the ones not only always protected but also promoted.

Parliament is expected to pass a resolution on the debate this evening. The minister of Internal Affairs that police falls under his docket has also been given a chance to present a statement on the same

The recent beating of civilians following the former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye by police has stirred a lot of debate in the country.

Police commanders and junior officers are already facing different charges of misconduct in discharging their duties at a special court instituted by the force.


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