MPs Call for Tighter Chemical Regulations

MPs said expired drugs turn into toxic chemicals yet medical facilities do not have the capacity to get rid of them

Members of Parliament have called for tighter border controls and inspection to curb the importation and use of items that are hazardous to human life.

While considering the Toxic Chemicals Prohibition Control Bill 2015, sickness several legislators attributed the rise in cases of Cancer across the country to the failure to control toxic chemicals in various forms.

The Bill gives effect to implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, page Production, Stockpiling and use of Chemical Weapons and on their destruction. It also provides for inspections, searches and enforcement.

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“Many hospitals are stuck with medical drugs that have expired. The expired drugs turn into toxic chemicals but the medical facilities do not have the capacity to get rid of them,” Ayivu County MP, Hon. Atiku Bernard told Parliament.

MPs also called for controls in the acquisition, distribution and use of acid, which has been misused to maim several Ugandans.

“This country has no capacity to monitor and destroy industrial waste. It goes into the water we drink and is threatening human life. Some of the junk vehicles and other used items imported into Uganda produce exhaust fumes that are dangerous,” Hon. Jack Wamai Wamanga said.

The State Minister for Gender Labour and Social Development, Hon. Kamanda Bataringaya, told Parliament that Uganda needs an integrated chemical management system to curb the effects of such chemicals.

Hon. Bataringaya said Uganda is a non-possessor state of chemical weapons but it is pursuing a peaceful development agenda on the use of chemicals for industrial development.

He said some of the chemicals used in industries could pose a threat to human life if not well managed.


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