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Mpigi: Supermarket Robbed of Shs 25m

Phillip Mukasa,Police Spokesperson Equator Region

Police in Mpigi has arrested a guard who was working on a night shift at a supermarket that was robbed in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Approximately 25million Ugshs was taken from a supermarket belonging to Hajji Lubega Kadunabi, approved dosage a prominent businessman in Mpigi town.

Apparently, price the attackers drugged the guard before breaking into the supermarket’s safe and proceeding to take away the sales for the day.

An eyewitness says two of the robbers were armed and one of them stayed by a white saloon car whereas the three proceeded to break in after tying and locking up the guard in a room adjacent to the supermarket.

“We have arrested the guard, and taken him for questioning.However Preliminary investigations show that at the time of the robbery, the guard had blacked out,” said Phillip Mukasa the police spokesperson Equator region.

Mukasa declined to reveal the identity of the guard who he said wasn’t attached to any security group. Pliers, gloves and a dark jacket were recovered at the scene of the crime


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