MPIGI ACCIDENT: Grief of a UCU Graduate at Dad’s Memorial Service

Akampurira (C) eulogising her late father, Rwekisigazi at St Andrew's Church, Bukoto, Kampala on Monday (Photos: Pat Larubi/ChimpReports)

Uganda Christian University (UCU) graduate, ed Patricia Akampurira today Monday moved mourners to tears as she eulogized her late father, pilule Francis Mbabazi Rwekisigazi at St Andrew’s Church Bukoto, Kampala.

54-year-old Rwekisigazi, who served as Rukungiri District Commercial Officer, had his life tragically cut short following a fatal accident on his way back home after attending Akampurira’s graduation ceremonies in Mukono and Kampala.

In the same accident, the family of Rwekisigazi lost his precious daughter Esther, driver and another relative.

Rwekisigazi’s widow, Allen Mbabazi, remains hospitalized at Nakasero Hospital.

The grief-struck graduate dressed in a black t-shirt painfully recounted her precious time with the blissful dad whom he described as amiable and stubborn.

Tumukunde (R) paying his respects to the deceased

Tumukunde (R) paying his respects to the deceased

“We have lost a father, a friend and a very good man. We thought by taking Esther, God had saved the rest but little did we know dad would follow. I have questioned but I am done questioning,” recalled Akampurira as tears rolled down mourners’ cheeks.

An overwhelmed Patricia had failed to sign the consent form upon the request of the doctors before his father was taken to the theatre for surgery.

“I couldn’t,” she said as a friend handed her a handkerchief to wipe away tears.

She would later regain her strength to carry on her eulogy: “Before my dad went to the theatre, he told me to let God’s will be done. But I think God wanted him more than we did.”

Akampurira was flanked by her family and friends at the packed church service.

Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde; MPs Roland Kaginda, Winnie Matsiko, Hon Fred Turyamuhweza, Hon Winfred Matsiko and Permanent Secretary in the Defense Ministry Rosette Byengoma graced the function.

Mourners were moved to tears during the servce

Mourners were moved to tears during the service

As she stood beside her father’s coffin mounted with flowers, Akampurira also recounted Mbabazi’s last counsel to her before he breathed his last – That friends are medicine, friends mean the world and that she must always treasure her friends.

“Dad told me never to be proud before my friends but to thank them because he knew what his friends meant to him. He was happy when they visited in the hospital,” she observed.

“I thanked my father always, we shared a lot. We joked, we played especially given that mum is so reserved and quiet. I will miss daddy. We thank God for having protected those who survived the accident.”

The recent road accidents have sparked off public outcry with many blaming the police, UNRA, Ministry of Works and Transport, driving schools among others for sleeping on the job. Police blames these incidents on reckless driving.

Tumukunde comforting the bereaved

Tumukunde comforting the bereaved

The vehicle in which Rwekisigazi was travelling in from Kampala collided with another vehicle in Mpigi.

Of the eight who were aboard the double cabin, two died on the spot while the rest were rushed to the hospital with severe injuries.

A week after the incident, Rwekisigazi who had been at Nakasero Hospital also passed on.

Doctors said the accident caused a puncture on his trachea which disrupted flow of oxygen to and from the lungs.

The deceased further sustained fractured ribs and suffered internal bleeding. The collar bone was also broken in the accident.

Family members laying a wreath on Mbabazi's casket

Family members laying a wreath on Rwekisigazi’s casket

Mourners praised the deceased for being an amiable person who invested in friendship.


The highlight of the funeral service was Akampurira’s brother Yonasani Nuwamanya openly declaring to the hundreds of mourners that he had accepted salvation.

Yonasani said his father’s death was his turning point in his spiritual life.

“I have always lived a reckless life. During strikes at school, I always took the lead. Despite dad’s constant counsel, I never took life seriously. I ask my friends to support me as I take this new path to uphold Godly values,” he said as the church cheered him on.

Byengoma (C) honours the deceased

Byengoma (C) honours the deceased

Widow’s grief

Allen couldn’t make it to the funeral.

In her written eulogy, she described her husband as a good and trustworthy man who was responsible to his family and free with his children.

She was married to the deceased for 24 years, a union blessed with six children.

“I am grateful that our whole family didn’t perish during the accident. I won’t depart from God even if he has tried me extremely through these deaths. Jeremiah 29:11 says God has the best plans for us,” the sickly widow’s eulogy read.

She asked mourners to pray for her and others who are still in hospital to recover and get off their sick beds.

Rwekisigazi's casket being brought to court

Rwekisigazi’s casket being brought to court

Gen Tumukunde who has been a friend to the Rwekisigazi family referred to the accident as “traumatizing” and “disheartening.”

We find ourselves in a complicated situation that young children are left alone with a mother.

He however strengthened the children pledging that efforts will be made to support them through tough times.

“It’s impressive how people of Rukungiri managed to raise about Shs 62m to support the bereaved family. We’ll take care of expenses of funeral and burial as well as hospital bills,” said Tumukunde.

He promised to pay educate one of the orphans, saying; “We owe it to these children to see them forward and rescue the mother from stressing in the hospital.”

He commented on the rampant accidents blamed on the excitement by motorists especially on tarmac roads.

Together with FDC’s Roland Kaginda, Tumukunde conceded that politics must not cause divisions but rather focus should be on developing Rukungiri as a whole.

The deceased will be laid to rest in Nyakaina village, Buyanja, Rukungiri District on Tuesday.

RIP: Mbabazi Rwekisigazi

RIP: Mbabazi Rwekisigazi


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