MP Tinkasiimire Tricks Kagadi Police

Police officers were stunned to find the MPs's car being driven a local councilor

Kagadi District Police Commander Remeo Ojera Oneck yesterday led an unsuccessful attempt to arrest the Buyaga West Mp in Kagadi district, Hon Barnabas Tinkasimire.

The MP escaped a security cordon along Muhorro-Kagadi road where police officers awaited to curtail him from travelling to Burora sub-county in his constituency to meet residents on land related matters.

MP Tinkasiimire traveled from Kampala to listen to his constituents’ concerns about a Kampala based tycoon named as Fausitina Ntambala    who       locals accuse of grabbing their land.

Police had earlier said that they suspected the MP was disguising the meeting and only planning to launch the so called kogikyatako campaign, which opposes the amendment the Article 102 of the constitution.

The lurking police officers however, where stunned on intercepting Tinkasimiire’s car, to find that it was being driven by a local councilor representing Muhooro sub county, Medard Ahumuza.

They searched the car and there was no one else.

The Member of Parliament, after beating the police, successfully convened the meeting with the residents, where he bragged about outwitting the police officers.

Tinkasiimire Barnabas is among the 25 Mps who were suspected by the Speaker on Wednesday for misconduct in the parliament.

They are opposing the amendment of article 102 b to lift the presidential age limit in the constitution.


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