MP Suggests Birth Control to Reduce Forest Encroachment

Hon Alex Byarugaba speaking at the conference

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources Hon Alex Byarugaba, website like this has Wednesday blamed the growing human pressure on the country’s natural resources, abortion on Uganda’s rapid population growth.

Byarugaba, who is also MP for Isingiro South warned that the country’s natural forests, swamps and other resources are under threat because of the country’s population explosion.

The MP warned that now more than ever, government has to take measures to tame the population growth trends by for instance increasing child birth control.

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Without birth control, he added that more pressure on natural resources will breed more and land conflicts and a possible land crisis.

 “This is the right time to say enough is enough and address the problem of overpopulation the mother of all problems. People are encroaching on forests because they don’t have where to stay. This is coupled by the worsening climate changes, and we are seeing the signs already.”

The legislator made the call while speaking at a dialogue, organized by USAID Safe Program and World Voices Uganda at Hotel Africana, about the natural resources conflicts in the Albertine region.

 “People know that natural resources have great value; our forests will be wiped out despite our great laws that are not enforced,” he said.

“Forests should be taken as a natural capital of the country. In 1980 4.2 million hectares of forests were reserved but in 2015 there were only 1.5 million hectares remaining.

“1962 Uganda had only 6million people but now we have are 39million people. That is why l say we act now,” he warned.



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