MP Nsubuga Blames ‘Matikkira’ Incident on Opposition

MP Simeo Nsubuga
MP Simeo Nsubuga

Kasanda County South Member of Parliament (MP), Simeo Nsubuga has accused the opposition of orchestrating syndicated attacks and humiliation of MPs who support the removal of presidential term limits from the constitution.

During the Tuesday House Plenary, Nsubuga narrated to fellow legislators how he was accosted and humiliated in from of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi by William Ntege alias Kyuma Kya Yesu.

Nsubuga said it was the opposition behind this kind of attacks and inciting the public through their rallies against the constitutional amendment.

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“This Parliament should come out to strongly condemn this kind of hooliganism; there is a deliberate move by our members of opposition to attack us; this was witnessed last Friday. Two members of opposition organized political rallies in Makindye and Nankulabye where they deliberately issued threats against us,” Nsubuga said.

Nsubuga also cited the attack on Minister Kahinda Otafire at Nambole by members of ULGA.

Minister Otafiire also took the floor and emphasized that it was the opposition that humiliated him at Nambole.

In response however, the Opposition Chief Whip Ibrahim Semujju Nganda said the opposition shouldn’t be accused of the growing anger amongst the public against their leaders.

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya reiterated caution to legislators to desist discussing speculations.

“The rules are strictly prohibitive of beginning to engage in discussions in anticipation of what is likely to come; for as long as they are not in the House please keep them out of the House, if they are in the House, we will deal with them,” Oulanyah said.

The state minister for internal Affairs Obiga Mario Kania said Simeo’s incident is being investigated by police.

“As the Minister of Internal Affairs we sympathize with the unfortunate incidents which befell our colleague, the security at the function as it has become the tradition was not provided by the police but the police,” Obiga said.

“The Police took the culprit under custody and will do the necessary investigations and come out as to what exactly happened.”

Regarding the general security of MPs, Obiga noted that the Ministry currently has no capacity to provide special security to all legislators but individuals that feel deeply endangered to approach security officials.


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