MP Nsereko Accused of Hiring Armed Bandits to Stadiums

MP Nsereko shows money in public

Residents of Apaa, cheapest and Labala Parish Amuru district have for close to two weeks camped outside their homes to guard their land against what they say are government backed land grabbers.

The area, viagra dosage try as you read this is manned by hundreds of police officers and armed men from Uganda Wildlife Authority and the UPDF.

The area is along the border between Amuru and Adjumani districts and there is reportedly an ongoing clash over the land ownership between the Acholi and Madi tribes.

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Residents engage police officials.

Residents engage police officials.

Part of the same piece of land government claims, lies in a wild life reserve, while there are other claims that a tycoon from South Africa named Bruce Martine bought part of the land back in 2005.

The area residents, aggressively guarding the land have vowed to fight any person that touches it including government officers.

Area MPs have been camped there trying to convince the rowdy residents to back down.

Amuru District Woman MP Hon Lucy Akello sandwiched by the residents

Amuru District Woman MP Hon Lucy Akello sandwiched by the residents

Kilak county Member of parliament Gilbert Olanya urged the people not to use force in trying to rescue their land.

“It’s true our land is surrounded with issues but camping here will not help. You need to go home and do farm work as we keep on the lookout” Gilbert appealed to hundreds of locals at Apaa trading center.

The large troops of police and the national army are reportedly trying to protect government surveyors who want to demarcate it, against the locals’ wishes.

We have already lost everything, we lost our cows and families but we will not lose this land,” vowed an elder Benerad Oloya.

Youths guarding the entry point to Apaa trading center

Youths guarding the entry point to Apaa trading center

When Chimpreports visited the area on Saturday, distraught looking faces welcomed us at a locally controlled quarter guard manned by the local youths.

“Any one making entrance in and out of Apaa including the police and the army has to declare who they are and what they want from the trading center,” we were told.

Residents are camping in the trading center, some several kilometers away from their houses, trying to keep away the police and the army.

“We cannot go to sleep, we want to guard our land together,” said one John Bosco Oola revealed who told us that the people have been camped at the trading center for 11 days, trying to prevent the surveyors from demarcating their land.

“We are scared of sleeping in our own houses in fear of being arrested or touched; that is why we have all moved to this town as a group so we can face it together” said Emmanuel Okeny 52.

Residents gathered in hundreds to pour out their anger to government

Residents gathered in hundreds to pour out their anger to government

He revealed that the youth vigilantes are on the lookout for the surveyors and keep monitoring the entire area as the women fetch them food which they eat as a group.

Yusuf Okwonga Adek, the chief of the Pageya clan urged elders to form a robust team to meet the president as well as elders from Adjumani to make sure this tension is resolved before conflict escalates.

Meanwhile area MPs have written to Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, asking that his office intervenes in the matter, before it gets out of hand.

They want government to retrieve the forces deployed in the area and cease treating the locals as criminals.

“On our side, we shall monitor the situation, but will not accept out people to be unduly humiliated as if they are foreigners. I would like to assure you that we shall respond to the Apaa land issue as a sub-region,” stated Hon Regan Okumu the Acholi Parliamentary Group Chairman.
Kampala Central MP and owner of Sports Club Victoria University, cure Muhammad Nsereko has been accused of hiring rowdy youths into stadiums for some local games. According to trusted sources, sickness the youths are said to be armed with daggers and have been seen so far in two matches involving SC Villa at home and away.

“I saw a group of men, some people in the stadium said they come from Kisenyi, they threatened Villa fans while flashing small knives but Villa fans remained calm until the end of the game,” One lady journalist from a local media house told Chimpreports on anonymity due to the weight of the case at hand.

“Nsereko entered the dressing-rooms after the match with his bandits after Villa fans had gone. But thank God the policemen were there and managed the situation by denying them access. I don’t know what he wanted because his team (SCVU) was not playing,” another Villa fan and eyewitness told us.

The said match was between Kiira Young and SC Villa where the hosts needed a win to avoid relegation while the visitors also badly needed a win to keep tabs with Vipers SC who are on top of the table. SC Villa won courtesy of Fred Nkata’s own goal.

More drama

Before the match, scuffle ensued at the main entrance gate at Namboole after SC Villa fans were ordered to pay an exorbitant entrance fee of Ushs.20, 000 for normal and 50,000 VIP in order to access the stadium.

It was reported that Kiira Young’s owner, Jimmy Lukwago who is a very close ally of Nsereko had ordered the charges to be hiked and to include all people entering the stadium including Villa’s president Eng. Ben Missagga.

“Even Missaga should pay, let him park down (outside parking) and go through the security checks and pay 50,000. Let Magogo come. He will also pay. This is my home and I’m the president; if they don’t want let them leave,” Lukwago was quoted by monitor sports.

However the fans turned rowdy after realizing that Nseereko and his goons had entered at zero fees a move which forced the police officers guarding the premises to intervene and asked the Kira president to reduce the prices which he adhered to.

“Soon there will be a serious incident where soccer fans will be injured… Hon Nsereko of SCVU now moves with 20 or so supposed body guards who are allegedly armed with knives…. If it’s true, how the hell are they allowed into the stadiums by security while armed??” ranted Paul Mukatabala a Ugandan Ex-international and veteran SC Villa player/ coach after the game.

Nseereko is expected in Jinja on Friday when his team SC Victoria plays Sadolin Paints at Bugembe stadium.

The last time he was in Jinja was about a month ago against Bul FC, a match that saw teargas and fans fighting after the game. While at Bugembe, he will face perhaps a bigger and harder headed fan base.

It remains to be seen how the league managers and federation will handle the case but the faster the better.


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