MP Nambooze ‘Denied’ Treatment Clearance By Ministry of Health

MP Nambooze Bakireke returned home last week after having a successful operation in South Africa

Ministry of Health is once again in the negative light for stalling the treatment of another Ugandan outside the country.

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke is accusing the Ministry’s National Medical Board for denying her clearance to seek treatment in South Africa.

The legislator nonetheless proceeded to the country and had a successful operation and returned home last week.

She claims to have been poisoned and that the medics in South African made the same conclusion.

The medical bill in South Africa however, check was not footed by Parliament although as an MP, she is entitled to this insurance.

“I paid for everything expect for the air tickets which were paid by the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga at a personal level,” Nambooze told us this morning.

The reason parliament didn’t cater for her treatment she says was because it required clearance from the National Medical Board, which she tried for weeks and failed to obtain.

MPs are entitled to medical care locally but when they have to travel abroad, they must be cleared first by the board.

“For two months I have begged the board to give me this clearance, but they refused,” she said.

“They even came up with nonexistent preconditions that my doctor needed to meet the board first and defend my travel abroad for treatment.

“When I was in South Africa, I found another MP who was cleared by the same board, and this MP was being treated with Malaria,” she said without naming the MP.

“Other MPs have been cleared by the board to go and have their bodies trimmed. I have their names here; they are fat and they want to go and reduce their size, and the board just clears them!”

Our efforts to get a response on these claims were not fruitful yet.

The Health Ministry spokesperson Ms. Viviane Nakaliika told us she wasn’t aware of the MPs case and asked to check first with the board when she returned to her office.

Nambooze however, claims that other MPs are able to get cleared by the board because they are “willing to get compromised a little bit.”

“What I am asking for from the board is not a favor,” the MP stressed, “it is an entitlement; my entitlement.”

The National Medical Board in May came under strong public criticism, when it allegedly delayed the treatment of cancer patient Carol Atuhairwe by holding onto her support documents until it sat to review them.



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