MP Komuhangi to Gov’t: Prioritise Agriculture to Develop Women

Panelists discuss gender issues on Tuesday

Hon. Margret Komuhangi, sale the Chairperson of the Parliamentary committee on Gender, pills Labour and Social Development has urged government to target Agriculture to be able to develop women in the country.

She noted that women play a vital role in Uganda’s rural agricultural sector and contribute a higher average share of crop labour in the region.

“They (women) also make up more than half of Uganda’s agricultural workforce, and a higher proportion of women than men work in farming -76 percent versus 62 percent, yet compared to men for their productivity is low,” she said.

Hon. Komuhangi was on Tuesday peaking at the launch of the Africa Human Development Report 2016, under the theme Accelerating Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Africa held at the Kampala Serena hotel.

“For a woman to own land she has to buy it since according to culture she cannot inherit it yet she needs it most. That’s why there should be a deliberate law to allow women to own land which is well stipulated in the marriage and divorce bill. To me it’s the best bill ever tabled by government,” she said.

Hon. Komuhangi defended her proposal of women owning land, saying that development can only be achieved if they begin from the basics of people learning to work together as households in a way that they should own property together as a whole.

“Access to land for woman is very important and a fundamental right, women should also be given credit for their work’’ she said.


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