MP Kabaziguruka Asks Court Martial to Stay His Trial

Michael Kabaziguruka arrives at court on Tuesday

Nakawa Municipality MP Hon Michael Kabaziguruka who is facing treachery charges with 25 others before the General Court Martial has asked the same court to stay his trial until his petition before Constitutional Court in which he challenges the powers of General court martial to try civilians is disposed off.

For the first time ever since he was charged, visit this site Kabaziguruka — who was recently granted bail by High Court Judge Justice Yasin Nyanzi – today presented Hon Medard Segona as the advocate to represent him in this matter.

The state Prosecutor Major Simon Maserejje informed court that investigations in the matter are complete and they were to commence hearing today, and only to learn that the state witness of the day was not feeling well.

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Kabaziguruka presented Lubega Segona as his advocate

Kabaziguruka presented Lubega Ssegona as his advocate

This was however objected to by all the defense counsels led by Hon Medard Ssegona who informed court that it would be unfair to commence hearing of the matter yet there is a constitutional petition against the same matter before a superior court

“We are not ready to proceed anywhere; I invite this Honorable court to stay the proceedings in this matter until constitutional petition 45 of 2016 which was filed on the 17th November 2016 by my client in constitutional court is disposed off” submitted Ssegona.

The Judge Advocate in reply to this informed Ssegona that it is constitutional court that has powers to issue an order staying the proceedings but not themselves; thereby advising him to seek for an order from that court.

Meanwhile the defense counsels asked court to order the prosecution to avail them in time with all documents and exhibits they intend to rely on in the matter to prevent an ambushed trial

In reply to this the state Prosecutor Major Maserejje promised to avail the defense with all the details they want but the names of witnesses will only be disclosed as they are testifying in court

“For security purposes of the witnesses we pray for a deductive disclosure and we are ready to serve the defense with photocopies of the statements by witnesses minus their particulars” submitted

This too was challenged by the defense which prompted court to order the state to serve the defense with formal submissions on the matter before 19th December so that they may also reply on the same matter before the ruling on the same is delivered.

Court chairman LT gen Andrew Gutti has adjourned the matter to 20th December.


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