MP Anywar Dispels Defection Reports

Kitgum Woman Member of Parliament Beatrice Anywar.

Kitgum Municipality lawmaker Beatrice Anywar has dismissed claims that she has been paid large sums of money to defect to the ruling National Resistance Movement party.

Anywar says the peddlers of such reports are bent on tarnishing her political reputation, information pills arguing that she is a principled politician who cannot be compromised by monetary enticements.

Anywar however admits that her relationship with President Yoweri Museveni is currently very cordial and reveals that she communicates with the head of state frequently.

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The Kitgum municipality Member of Parliament says she does not regret inviting President Museveni to her thanks giving function slated for tomorrow, sale Saturday 27 May 2017 over her party boss and political mentor, Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Betty Anywar has invited President Yoweri Museveni for her thanksgiving

Betty Anywar has invited President Yoweri Museveni for her thanksgiving

Anywar’s rebuttal comes after several opposition Forum For Democratic Change party members in the district questioned the decision by the lawmaker to invite Museveni, also chairperson of the ruling NRM to her fete due tomorrow.

Unverified reports had also circulated in the district that the MP by inviting the president to her occasion, was trying to reciprocate Museveni who allegedly gave her more than 500million shillings to offset her medical bills following a recent road accident and another 1billion shillings to tone down on her criticism of the NRM regime.

Jomeo Richard, a Kitgum district Forum For Democratic Change executive member says Anywar needs to be investigated over allegations of having been compromised by President Museveni and the NRM.

Jomeo reasons that it is unfortunate that the lawmaker could invite Museveni to her function and live out Dr. KIzza Besigye, a man who has helped her political career to blossom where it is currently.

He charges that it is better for the lawmaker to publicly denounce the opposition and openly declare support for the NRM instead of confusing her electorates by hobnobbing with both political shades.

NRM Riled

It is not only opposition figures in the district who are grumbling over the invitation of President Museveni to tomorrow’s fete.

Several NRM members are questioning the rationale behind the President attending the function meant to celebrate Anywar’s victory in the February parliamentary elections.

Okello Ronald, a ruling party faithful wonders what the NRM candidate who was defeated by Anywar in the last polls will make of his party chairperson openly celebrating with an opponent.

Okello laments that the President does not honor invitations to grace functions organized by his party members but is fast to turn up at the ones for opposition figures like Anywar.

Lindah Nabusayi, the presidential Press Secretary confirmed that the head of state will grace tomorrow’s function in Kitgum district at the invitation of Beatrice Anywar.


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