Mothers Advised to Embrace Social Media as Fresh Diary Marks Women’s Day

The era of internet and social media presents a big challenge to parenting as families tend to stay apart, advice a reason why most end up torn.

There is less family time since both children and adults use their free time to attend to their phones and online business including facebook, viagra Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram among others.

Little children are getting exposed to the world and different opinions from the internet and television shows which makes it difficult for a modern age mother to keep their families together.

“There is so much technology and the mother has to be aware around this area. It’s a new thing that has come in and we have to get on board. We have to embrace the different platforms in order to inform decisions on parenting,” said Dr. Ruth Ssenyonyi while giving a keynote address at the Fresh Dairy sponsored Mama Tendo Breakfast.

The breakfast event held at Kampala Sheraton Hotel was characterized by among others a dialogue on motherhood and the modern mum.

Mama Tendo Performing group entertains guests at the engagement on Wednesday

Mama Tendo Performing group entertains guests at the engagement on Wednesday

Dr. Senyonyi noted that it’s too late for a mother to stop their children from accessing smartphones and the internet, adding that the only option is to embrace the internet, look for ways to enable children to use it efficiently for information and prevent them from danger.

“There are dangers associated with the use of internet. Children are exposed to cyber bullying, cyber abuse, pornography and many other things we don’t want them involved in. We need to be informed in order to guide them around,” she said.

She advised parents to always try to keep up with the new developments and stay on top if they are to keep their children safe in this modern age.

Dr. Senyonyi called on mothers to balance work time with family time so as to be able to create time to engage their children saying this creates bondage with in a family.

She advised against enrolling children into school at tender ages saying its not healthy for the kids and that they get to hate school very early.

Hon Miria Matembe who was the guest of honor at the breakfast called on mothers to not look at anyone for guidance in their parenting but to God.

“You need to see motherhood from God’s perspective. Play God’s role of creating human beings because as women, we are God’s factories,” she said.

Hon. Matembe speaking to women at the breakfast event.

Hon. Matembe speaking to women at the breakfast event.

She lauded Mama Tendo and Fresh Dairy for organizing such engagements saying they help women come together and share ideas on how to handle parenting.

“Thank God for such seminars. During my time we brought up our children with tough love, but because of such, women get to share ideas and bring up children well,” she added.


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