Mirundi Attacks Opondo: You’re Not Qualified to Discuss Sejusa

Ofwono Opondo addressing press at the media center on Monday

President Museveni has urged the people of Sembabule to do more including embracing commercial agriculture to fight household poverty, view Chimp Corps report.

Museveni said the culture of waiting for government intervention to solve all problems is unrealistic.

“The government is doing everything and will continue to ensure all infrastructures is in place so that Uganda develops, ” said Museveni on Monday.

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“However, the citizens must also do their part if they are to become wealthy. For example, you don’t expect me to come and tend to your pigs or plant your potatoes.”

Poverty remains high in rural areas.

Some analysts argue that government is not doing enough to economically empower the citizens to get rid of poverty.

But Museveni believes the extension of tarmac roads and electricity to upcountry areas will stimulate growth is the people engage in commercial production.

Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa addressing the gathering

Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa addressing the gathering

Museveni’s campaign trail ended on a high with a massive rally in Mawogola North in Sembabule District after three similarly big rallies.

Museveni expressed gratitude to supporters for turning up in big numbers.

“Like I said, I also urge the public to be vigilant and help us fight corruption especially at the lower levels of government, at the districts and sub-counties,” said Museveni.

“Our NRM flag-bearers at Gombolola level should take the lead in fighting corruption. They should, for example, ensure that the NAADS funds are well used to benefit the people.”

Museveni today travels to Bukomansimbi, Lyantonde and Lwengo districts.

Museveni being welcomed in the area

Museveni being welcomed in the area

Former Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has strongly condemned the comments by government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo on Gen David Sejusa, visit this who is facing trial in the General Court Martial today

Mr Mirundi stressed this morning that Ofwono Opondo, more about who has no military history is the least qualified person to be addressing the media about things to do with a four star general.

Appearing on a NBS television on Tuesday, Mr Mirundi emphasized, “Government has blundered. Ofwono wouldn’t be talking about Sejusa. This is a military issue. Sejusa doesn’t have problems with government.”

Opondo while addressing press at the Uganda Media center, delved into the details of the cases that Gen Sejusa, who was apprehended last Sunday, will be answering to.

Mirundi, who in the past was momentarily banned on appearing on TV and radio due to his offensive line of debate, said Mr Opondo should have let the UPDF handle General Sejusa’s matter.

“These people love to talk, they want to appear on television,” he said, adding that Opondo should learn from his (Mirundi’s) previous conduct while still at State House.

“I survived 13 years as President Museveni’s press secretary because I was able to differentiate between Museveni the President, Museveni the Commander in Chief and Museveni the NRM Chairman.”

“If he donned military uniform and went into military affairs, I wouldn’t go there. I left that part to Col Felix Kulayigye or his successor (Col Paddy Ankunda).  If he went for his party caucus, or to address the CEC, you would see me there.”

Mirundi went on to accuse Ofwono Opondo of obsessing about speaking for the military, pointing out the saga that followed the death of former UPDF commander Gen Aronda Nyakairima last year.

“That is why there was a quarrel between him and Ankunda on what caused the death of Gen Aronda. You’re not coordinated, you don’t have the information but you want to be seen on television,” he added.



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