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  • Mirundi: Akol, Muhakanizi Sh’d Get Used to Small Prison Beds

Mirundi: Akol, Muhakanizi Sh’d Get Used to Small Prison Beds

Tamale Mirundi
Tamale Mirundi

    By: Kim Aine

  • Jan 7,2017
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The public outcry over the doling out of Shs 6bn to URA lawyers and senior government officials who participated in the Heritage oil case has gained momentum with a high ranking presidential advisor seeking resignation of the implicated officers.

Appearing on a radio talk-show on Saturday, Presidential Advisor on Media Affairs Tamale Mirundi urged president Museveni to immediately sack or cause the resignation of URA boss Doris Akol and other beneficiaries including KCCA’s Jennifer Musisi and Treasury Secretary Keith Muhakanizi.

Akol personally initiated, pursued, facilitated and paid the controversial bonuses from URA coffers.

“Akol, Muhakanizi and Musisi should start getting used to small beds and small mattresses found in prisons,” said Mirundi.

“By sacking and arresting these people, Museveni will have confirmed his commitment to fight corruption and impunity in the management of public resources,” he charged.

Mirundi, who has in recent years waged a spirited war against what he calls mafia-orchestrated graft, said “if Museveni acts on these bogus payments, he will rule for five more years without any interruption.”

Highly placed sources told ChimpReports On Sunday that government communicators had deliberately refused to defend Akol’s payments.

“Akol and his team should explain what motivated her to do whatever she did,” said an insider.

Even Muhakanizi told NTV that he authorized payments following a valuation by Akol.

“It’s clear in her (Akol) letter. She made the assessment of the payments,” said Muhakanizi.

Mirundi, who until recently served as the president’s spokesperson, said Members of Parliament are quietly putting in place a “red book” to “blacklist all those associated with corruption.”

He warned: “If your name appears in that book; you will never serve in any other government. The more we democratize the more issues of morality become serious.”

“Why aren’t they resigning?” wondered Mirundi. “If they don’t want to quit; they will be forced to leave. Something is building up in Parliament. People are very bitter.”

By Friday night, Akol was still struggling to contain internal dissent, anger and disillusionment at URA.

Akol told staff to always be mindful that “significant successes have been scored by URA in the recent past in the struggle to streamline tax collection, e.g. through professionalizing the clearing fraternity, asserting our right to break questionable aggressive tax planning schemes by some taxpayers and break some corruption syndicates and schemes among staff.”

She added: “So Team, please stay calm and concentrate on your work because despite the distractions around us, we have a job to do.”

Earlier on Saturday morning, firebrand FDC MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda condemned the oil case payments.

“If it’s about rewarding, do you only reward those who recover money? Aren’t there other people who do exemplary work? How do you quantify the contribution of doctors who save lives?” wondered Ssemujju.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo condemned the payments, saying they smirked of conflict of interest as they were prompted by the beneficiaries.

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  • Kaka John

    This time round, I will disagree with Tamale Mirundi. This matter should be discussed without emotions but with sobriety and cool headedness. In fact, rather than applauding the team for saving the country trillions of shillings that would have been lost had the case been lost to Heritage Oil, the beneficiaries of the oil cash are being boxed left and right. Yet they had an option of conniving (just like many have done) with Tallow Oil to make Tullow Oil win the case, and Uganda would have lost trillions of shillings in addition to paying billions of shillings in court awards. Being paid a honorarium, is an international practice that should not be raising hairs. Or is it because MAN HAS EATEN DOG and not DOG HAD EATEN MAN case????

    I would in the least have expected the Semujjus, who in a day light robbery have decided to use parliament to continuously defraud government billions of shillings annually when they recently passed a selfish law protecting them from paying income tax on their allowances, when the poor including teachers are paying, to be the one to make noise about this matter. At least the oil money beneficiaries have done something positive for the country. But what has the MPs done for the country that deserves such? Most of them spend time sleeping in the House, in lodges, or drinking and pork joint as the rest of Ugandans wallop in poverty. If getting the oil cash money is wrong, then the MPs’ case is even worse for it is a continuous day light robbery. If the MPs are compiling a book of the corrupt as Tamale Mirundi is saying, then they should reserve the first pages for themselves because they have lost the moral authority and credibility to talk about corruption – the refusal to pay income tax on their allowances by MPs is what we call legalised corruption, and they (MPs) should be ashamed of themselves!

    Such well intentioned people that saved the country trillions of shillings, should not be discourages, but continue to serve the country diligently. Tamale Mirundi himself has bragged of how the President has given him a modern printing machine (which he uses for his personal businesses), and how his children have benefited from scholarships because of his connections with government as if the rest of the citizens were any less of Ugandans or less deserving. TAMALE MIRUNDI, if the people that got the oil money are corrupt, WASN’T THIS CORRUPTION TOO and shouldn’t your name be in the so called MPs’ book????,

    • Kalisizo Girl

      Bottom line nothing justify that money to b given away. After all they’re civil servant with duty to run ura in order. I stand with TM on zero tolerance

      • Kaka John

        Kalisizo Girl, I challenge you in the same breath to condemn the author Tamale Mirundi who has also been rewarded similarly, and he has even openly bragged about it!

        • Kalisizo Girl

          Yeah John he bragged about it but not bonus from winning a lump some.The 6b were not to b shared as they get their wages. Looking on big picture we are not at level of milking our resources when ug is in big debt. Should this continue will it pse u or u want to c that money spent to solve our social issues. Why not start 20 factories and employ young ppl?

    • Thomas Sankara

      I was patiently waiting for the comments of the regime apologist Kaka on this. I must say I am not surprised by the buffoonery in your comments. To me all the corruption and patronage in this country is traced back to one man; Mr Museveni. Even the income exemption Act your talking about, Mr. Museveni came out and said he would not sign it. Why did he sign it in the dark? So to me the officials who received the money like Akol, Muhakanhizi, Musisii, Nyombi etc are to blame. But the person to blame the most is Mr.Museveni. For as he is the fountain of honour we expect him to be rationale in his decision making. Why should he be misled every time like the Ofwono Opondo’s are claiming. Last time he cost this nation 144 billion and he claimed “I was misadvised”. We are saying if you no longer have the mental fortitude to make rationale decisions, why not be honest to yourself and Ugandans and retire. Why keep claiming that you are the only one with the vision. Which type of revolutionary squanders scare public resources of a poor country like ours. Is it a modified revolutionary or a counter-revolutionary. Kaka you claim that these people resisted bribes, isn’t that what is expected of every civil servant? How many civil servants resist bribes on a daily basis? If they had taken bribes they would certainly have committed a crime. They have now committed another crime by soliciting for gratification for doing work they are paid for anyway. That is corruption period. You talk of bonuses being international practices, fine. But are such payments rationale in a country with a failing economy, in a country where civil servants are complaint of poor pay, in a country where the education and health sectors are in shambles. How does Mr. Museveni hope to convince teachers to be patriotic and settle for poor pay because we don’t have money yet he is the have to approve such dubious payments? The fundamental change under the NRM has remained a pipe dream.

      • UU

        You are also using emotions also. Now how do you blame the president? And attack Kaka. You can even not tolarate other people’s views!The fact is that; they saved trillions of shs. But then rewarding would not be bad, only the way it was done. Remember Tallow tried to bribe some of them but refused. This is a point of appreciation also, as well as winning the case. So, your problem is attacking M7 but not Akol who rewarded herself. If M7 retires, so, ? It is the first time Uganda talk of trillions (unborrowed) created from UG. by M7 under M7.

        • Kaka John

          I agree with you UU. The team that is being punched left and right, had the other option of ‘working with the devil’ if I might use that term, and Tullow Oil winning the case. In such scenario, Uganda would have lost trillions of shillings in addition to paying hefty court awards to Tallow Oil. Had the group chosen this dirty route, I believe they would have been paid about 10 times more by Tullow Oil. But they resisted it, and put the interest of the country first!! I am also baffled that none of the above jelly-back boned forumists ever blamed the MPs for robbing the country of billions of shillings by decreeing against paying income tax when in fact majority do nothing for the citizenry. I am also bound to think that the likes of Thomas, Dembula, and Richard simply feel challenged at the bravery and nationalism of the group.

      • Kaka John

        Thomas (I won’t use your other pseudo name of Sankara because it would be an insult to the spirit of the fallen revolutionary Sankara), I know your problem – the pin worms from the half-cooked pork you daily ingest are getting into your brains and are affecting your sense of reason and judgement, and soon you may start walking the streets naked!.

    • Dembula

      Your argument Kaka is self defeating. Just because there is a previous wrong and a potential beneficiary of that wrong speaks out about another albeit unrelated wrong does not make the second wrong right. You might disagree with the messenger but it’s folly to blind yourself to the message. You seem to suggest that the second wrong is right. I cannot see how a person can reward….nay, pay themselves a huge bonus for doing a job they are already paid to do. Crucially, and I stand corrected if I am wrong, this payment doesn’t seem to have been subject to scrutiny by someone else e.g parliament. It is after all taxpayers money.

      • Kaka John

        Dembula, I am yet to read your objection or alarm to Tamale Mirundi, a civil servant also getting donations (I believe from the same source) when he himself is a public servant. Or is be because – it is OK for the Tamales to be rewarded while it is not ok for the rest?

        • Dembula

          You miss the point I make entirely. The story is not about Tamale Mirundi but about the payment to Akol and co. We can discuss Mirundi’s separately all day if you want. However the two issues are not mutually inclusive and shouldn’t be . Don’t blind yourself to a wrong that has been done simply because one of the critics is himself allegedly a wrong doer. I hope that clarifies any confusion you may have. Otherwise you will never get the message that there is cross patty condemnation of the payment.

          • Kaka John

            By the way the same ‘holier than thou’ Tamale Mirundi is in the news (Read New Vision of 11th Jan 2017) after being exposed by the Auditor General for engaging in fraudulent activities and abuse of office. Personally I would hesitate to trust him on matters of integrity. I would rather trust someone else.

          • Dembula

            I wouldn’t trust him either if he was the sole critic. However this story has generated condemnation across the board and his voice, albeit unwelcome, doesn’t diminish the gravity of the central story.

        • Dembula

          Incidentally Kaka it’s not Tamale Mirundi who is on trial by media here. Your comments here are not only seeking to stifle an adult and constructive discussion but seeks to divert from the pressing matter at hand by making an issue out of a topic that is irrelevant to the current story. Just because a thief reports/comments on a theft in which he is or is not involved does not detract from the fact that a theft has occurred.

          • Kaka John

            I admire your demeanor and refined character Dembula. But surely does a thief has any moral credibility to report a theft?


      Who is Kaka?? Always supporting crafted policies against the people in favour of a regime behaving like an occupational force!!!
      Why not come out of hiding? Do you need to demand for appreciation when you feel you have done great work? What about policemen and soldiers that sleep in the cold for us to enjoys our beds? What about closing a whole national university for lack of less than 3 billion? What about the president telling how he is going to divert money meant for roads to buy food for the hunger stricken people in Isingiro?? Really??


    Kaka, as much as you are entitled to your opinion, they are always deviating from the objective point of view at alarming rate. If you see gov’t mouth pieces who are by the way often forced to say the opposites of what they know come out to objectively analyse the situation, then know that your boat is sailing in the wrong direction. Who among us has ever written a cheque to his/ her mama for the breast milk. She was simply performing her natural duty without a kick back. This analogy is in line with the oil cash ‘hand greasing’

    • Kaka John

      Ever heard of the 13th cheque? This is a practice in many institutions – private and public, when targets are met or exceeded. The analogy you are using of a mama for the breast milk – what if she did not breastfeed you? Haven’t you read of babies being picked from rubbish dumps? So for you you are taking your being breastfed for granted?

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