Minister Nantaba Warns Media against “Bad Mouthing” Semwanga

Minister Nantaba speaking at the funeral service on Monday

“Ivan’s death is a big loss to the government and the country at large, tadalafil ” State Minister for Investment Aidah Nantaba has said.

Nantaba who is also the Kayunga District Woman Member of Parliament was Monday speaking at the funeral service of fallen businessman Ivan Semwanga held at Namirembe Cathedral.

Semwanga died on Thursday May 25th after suffering a stroke which put him into comma for close to a fortnight.

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His body was flown into the country on Sunday before being taken to his estate in Muyenga.

Semwanga’s ancestral home is in Kayunga.

In her speech, cheap Nantaba cautioned media against unprofessional and negative reporting on the deceased which she said affects his wife, remedy kids, family and relatives.

This, she said, will bring more pain and misery to the already grieving family.

“Ivan was an extraordinary young man who managed to accomplish what many at his age cannot. He therefore deserves to be written on well,” she said.

Some local publications last week indicated that Semwanga had been killed because he had clashed with some illuminati prophets.

They further alleged that his riches had been given to him by a snake which they claimed to know some scary facts about.

Nantaba warned that such kind of negative publications should not be seen at this time because they injure the family of the late.

She revealed that Semwanga had proposed to construct schools in Kayunga but the ministry delayed to get back to him before his death.

People from different walks of life filled the church to set final eyes on their ‘don’ and now late Ivan Semwanga; among them, his family members, relatives, business partners and friends.

Semwanga’s elder son Pinto Semwanga recited the word as farewell to his dad, there after different people gave testimonies about how good Ivan was to them.

After the service, Cheuene, Pemba and Don Bahati’s cars excited people who were prompted to ask money from them.

Pemba and Don Bahati splashed money onto people like how the late used to do.


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