Minister Muhwezi Urges Christians to Abandon Political Churches

Minister Jim Muhwezi speaking to the Christian congregation

The Minister of information and national guidance Rtd. Major General Jim Muhwezi Katugugu has slammed church leaders that are fond of engaging in politics, pharm remedy saying that these should be blamed for the dangerous divisionism in society today.

The Rujumbura county Member of Parliament stressed that the role of the church should be preach God’s word, online and to particularly steer clear of any publically divisive messages.

Muhwezi was today speaking as the fundraising and celebration event to mark 10 years of the existence   of Rukungiri Community Church (RCC).

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The event held at Rukungiri Stadium was attended by hundreds for Christians from the western region, side effects Rwanda, Burundi and the United States.

Muhwezi appealed to the congregation to run away and avoid churches where preachers focus on politics, especially now as the country heads into a volatile election season.

The Minister praised the good  work  of the Pentecostal  churches  in the country,  of supplementing  government  especially in the  field  of health , education as also their cardinal work which is to bring back people  to God.

At the same function, the minister launched the commencement of the construction of   a Shs 590 Million Church with a sitting capacity of 2000; where he contributed Shs 5 million to the project.

Elisa Kakwereere, the Pastor of Rukungiri Community Church hailed government for the prevailing peace and religious tolerance that has enabled him and others to start up such churches.



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