Minister Kyambadde Tells Youth: Gov’t Won’t Do Everything for You

Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde  speaking at this year's LeO Africa Economic Forum held on Friday at Kampala Serena Hotel

Minister of Trade, health Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde has told youth in Uganda to stop expecting handouts from government and instead take the initiative to shape their own destiny.

She blamed young people for being ‘lazy and inconsistent’ when it comes to finding employment despite government initiatives to support them.

Uganda has the biggest young population across the globe, which many have argued presents an opportunity in the country’s transformation.

“I have interacted with many young people but most of them even when given opportunities, they are inconsistent. They are not even interested in forming cooperatives,” the Minister remarked during a panel discussion at the LeO Africa Economic Forum held Friday.

She told an audience of youth who attended the forum at Serena Hotel that government can only create an enabling environment for them but cannot employ all of them in the limited 7,000 public sector jobs.

“Most of you don’t have a plan of action but only keep lamenting about lack of capital. Finance shouldn’t be the priority concern. How many of you the literate have helped the unlearned to write proposals for bankable projects?” Minister Kyambadde said.

However participants disagreed with Hon. Kyambadde claiming that government hasn’t been seen to prioritize youth in its programs. Uganda’s political and administrative structures continue to be dominated by the old folks, they said.

“Our political arena has itself become an employer. Members of Parliament (including the young ones) are not in Parliament to legislate for youth issues but to earn,” Jacky Kemigisa one of the participants commented.

Mathias Kamp the country director Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Uganda said it is critical to turn the youthful population into a productive force. “Youths can spur a country’s growth but can also deter it if not well catered for,” Kamp said.


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