Minister Kyambadde, MP Nabilah Exchange Furiously Before Trade Committee

Minister Amelia Kyabadde and MP Nabillah exchanged bitterly in Parliament today

The Minister of Trade and Industries, sildenafil Amellia Kyambadde and Kampala Woman legislator, information pills Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala were up in arms Monday afternoon before parliament’s committee on trade, over the deportation of illegal foreigners who carry out small businesses in the country.

The Minister had appeared before the committee to give an update on the committee’s orders  for all illegal aliens in the country be arrested and deported within 14 days.

The Minister noted however, that after consultations, they found out that the ultimatum of 14 days was not enough to carry out the relevant verification of all foreign workers.

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She added that the verification exercise will therefore end on December 31 beyond which all illegal foreign workers will be deported; confirming a statement that she earlier issued at Media Centre in Kampala.

Throughout the meeting, the minister exchanged pointed words with the Kampala Woman MP Nabilah.

Nabillah accused the Minister of issuing a statement without accrediting the committee which had made earlier visits to Kikuubo, prompting government to issue a statement.

“There is hypocrisy in this, it is absurd that after Parliament went to Kikuubo, that’s when the Ministry made a statement but never even referred to us,” the hard toned Nabillah noted.

Kyambadde lashed at Nabillah noting that, “We didn’t see the report; chair, I would like to complain seriously, I cannot be accused of hypocrisy, is it in order; this is not a fighting match.”

Nabillah pointed out to the minister that the committee doesn’t report to her but to the house; “When we went to Kibuuko, we came back and met the commissioners and we don’t give reports to the Minister but to the floor of the house, yes its hypocrisy.”

The Committee Chairperson, Kenneth Lubogo calmed down the situation noting,“I don’t want to rule anybody out of order, the intention of this was to build a final report to be presented before the house; I don’t see any contradiction here really because if we went to Kikuubo, the Ministry realized the problem from us.”


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