Minister Kyambadde Bashed for Vending Mangos

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde was pictured yesterday vending mangoes in town

Kampala Central Woman Member of Parliament (MP), case Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala has lashed at the Minister of Trade and Industries, order Amelia Kyambadde accusing her of mocking women street vendors in Kampala when she came out and vended fruits on Wednesday.

The Minister was on Wednesday spotted on the streets of Kampala carrying a basket of mangoes, saying she was celebrating the courage of women involved in small scale businesses.

Her gesture came days after traders in Kampala took to the streets protesting against Asian nationals involved in small scale business at the expense of the locals. The minister stood with the Asians saying there are Ugandan nationals doing the same in Asian countries.

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Hon. Nabilah condemns Min. Kyambadde over vending mangoes

Hon. Nabilah condemns Min. Kyambadde over vending mangoes

FDC’s Nabilah however, was unhappy with the minister’s gesture, telling Chimpreports that she wronged by trying to mimic while mocking the poor vendors.

Nabilah called on the Minister to understand that vendors are on the street because they have no other choice and that if government adopted policies favoring them they wouldn’t be there.

“It is as if the Minister is telling these women to concentrate on vending mangoes and leave the shops to foreigners; she should have gone down to the empty shops that Ugandans have abandoned due to the bad trade policies in the country.”

“That is not the way we want our women to work, we want then to be able to afford working in markets and shops, give them capital and offer them low interest loans.”

Nabilah revealed that together with other legislators, they will soon be going out to the traders in Kampala and other places in the country informing them of what Parliament decided on trade policies which should form their demands to the Minister.


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