Minister Kiyingi: How Could Speaker Kadaga Worship Spirits in a Shrine?

Kadaga (C) praying to her gods in Busoga this past weekend

State Minister for Regional Cooperation, website like this Asuman Kiyingi, has blasted Speaker Rebecca Kadaga for visiting a shrine in Busoga where she prayed and celebrated with gods this past weekend.

In a viral video, Kadaga defended her trip to the caves of her ancestors, saying, “Doesn’t everyone have roots?”

Kiyingi, a renowned critic of the Speaker, said he was “still in shock and deeply saddened over what I saw in that video.”

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The Minister said whereas it is every citizen’s constitutional right to worship in whatever manner they so wish, “leaders are role models who should be very careful in what they choose to preach or practice.”

Scenes of Kadaga climbing hills and kneeling before caves to worship spirits have divided public opinion.

Some observers claim Kadaga is right to hold celebrations with her ‘ancestors.’ Others argued that being seen paying tribute to gods is satanic.

Power of the ‘unseen’

But Kadaga argued that her ancestors helped her emerge victorious in the race for Speaker.

MP Jacob Oulanya stepped down for Kadaga following President Museveni’s intervention, allowing her retain the seat unchallenged.

“My Christian friends may liberally view this matter and let it pass without comment. But as a Muslim I must say this is shirk which in spiritual terminology tantamount to treason,” charged Kiyingi.

“It is therefore a very serious matter. A person who dies in a state of shirk will not be forgiven by God (4:49),” he added.

Kiyingi urged Kadaga to repent for the sin

He said leaders who swear by the Holy Bible must not fall short of living up to the country’s motto ‘For God and my Country’ in execution of their duties.

“I therefore pray that those depicted in this video that has now gone viral, engaging in spirit/devil worship contrary to scripture, find the humility to repent and seek God’s forgiveness to uphold our national motto “For God and my Country’”.


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