Minister Kiwanda: Foreigners Won’t Promote Ugandan Tourism

Minister Kiwanda (R) with former tourism Minister Maria Mutagambwa at the recently held rolex festival.

The State Minister for Tourism and Antiquities, cialis 40mg Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi has appealed to Ugandans in their respective fields to promote the vast tourism potentials for the industry to realize quick growth.

Speaking during the opening of the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo Media Launch at Hotel Africana on Monday, Kiwanda said the landlocked Uganda has the ability to offset the balance of payments deficit with the proceeds from tourism sector alone.

“Nobody is going to come from America or London and start telling the world about the beauty and the abundant natural blessings in Uganda. We Ugandans should start telling the world ourselves about what we have,” Mr. Kiwanda said.

“The dollar is as if it is hitting Shs4000 all because of unequal trade between us and the world. The good news is that tourism can attract and generate us enough dollars to stabilize and even do away with the BOP deficits,” he added.

The Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo is a three days event scheduled for 17th to 19th February at Kololo Independence grounds.

According to the minister, this year’s event which is the third edition is targeting 50,000 people from Uganda, the region and the world.

“The whole natural beauties of Uganda are going to be summarized in Kololo come February and our minimum target is 50,000 people. Many from Europe have started bookings and even within the region and home.”

“The unique cultures like Kadodi, Larakraka dances, Bwakata, Luwombo, Malewa, rolex and are others are all going to be in Kololo.”

President Yoweri Museveni is expected to be the Chief Guest at the event.

Several stakeholders including hotel proprietors, airline companies, Civil Aviation Authority and others are partnering in the event.


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