Minister Kasaija Won’t Fund UBC ‘Until Management Is Disbanded’

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija before the committee

Despite the financial challenges that the National Broadcaster the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) is facing, viagra buy the Minister of Finance, medicine Planning and Economic Development, Matia Kasaija has vowed not to fund the corporation until the current administration is disbanded.

According to the National Budget Frame Work Paper of the Financial Year 2017/2018 presented before the Budget Committee by Kasaija on Wednesday, Sh. 20billion has been budgeted for the corporation.

However, these allocations have been seen by some members of the committee as very modest and unlikely to help revamp that cash strapped institution.

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“UBC has many problems; I don’t know what Sh20bn can do; how that money is going to be spent to actually generate returns because the corporation has too many liabilities,” said committee chairperson Amos Lugolobi.

“UBC should be able to generate returns that can be able to sustain its operations; I want to see more concerted efforts in investing and sustaining UBC to be able to generate revenue as provided for in the Broadcasting Act.”

In response, the Minister noted that the UBC problems are not financial but all managerial in nature.

“All UBC problems are managerial and I have had a discussion with my colleague Frank (Tumwebaze) the Minister of Information and IT); I have said please, either you change management of that place both the Board and the Executive or I will not give you this Sh20bn.”

Kasaija added that, “I put it in the budget but I won’t release it, we have agreed I hope he will take action.”

On the sale of the corporation to a private owner, the Minister clarified that government has no intentions to do so.

“We will not sell UBC because, that is the country’s mouth piece, it’s like UTL, some people wanted this to collapse and I said no because it is the only Telecommunication company that covers the entire country from village to village.”


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