Minister Cheptoris Warns on Climate Change

Minister Sam Cheptoris is being accused of blocking  eviction of wetland encroachers

The Minister of Water and Environment Sam Cheptoris has warned that Ugandans must keep in mind that climate change will continue to stage a serious threat to the country and the world.

Cheptoris added that as a Ministry’s they recognize that climate change adaptation requires a multi stakeholder response, cheapest http://ccresourcecenter.org/wp-includes/class-snoopy.php citizens participation, malady many policy discussions, adaptation, mitigation, research and observation.

“Climate change will continue to threaten the social, economic life of our people and above all food insecurity. We should not forget that the climate is changing at a very fast rate; that’s why we need our people to understand the subject of climate change at all levels and get involved too”.

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The minister was speaking at the National policy dialogue on climate change adaptation in Agriculture on Monday at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel. The dialogue was held under the theme: Indigenous voices on the impact of Uganda’s climate change policy on agriculture.

The minister noted that Uganda has faced many devastating changes because of climate change, citing many districts like Isingiro, Karamoja, Kamuli were stricken with famine, drought, disease outbreaks and deaths.

“Climate Change is a cruel reminder of what is projected to occur now and years to come. More than ever now we need to take care of the vulnerable groups affected most and those are our small scale farmers who need more information about climate change.”


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